Korean startup Voithru’s global expansion platform JAMAKE allows YouTube influencers to truly own the world

Voithru's JAMAKE will help lot of Youtubers.

Creativity knows no boundaries. It goes beyond the barriers of language and sound so that every creator can reach out to millions and maximize their business. Korean startup Voithru has launched JAMAKE, a global expansion service for YouTubers that offers video subtitles, meta translation and data analysis that helps them to influence audience that speaks a different language or lives in another continent. This is especially of value in countries such as Korea and Japan which are YouTuber saturated markets with a strong desire among the influencers to go global.

Breaking the glass ceiling

The company uses AI to deliver a high quality of a translation with a Fraud Detection System and a Speech to Text voice detection system. The AI also reviews new words and checks grammar while translating. The technology also recognizes and corrects a mistake, thereby improving the quality of the video.

Since its launch in 2018, the company has 10 million-plus subscribers globally, shared 9500 videos and 500 plus subscribed influencers. A large number of YouTubers have experienced explosive growth in their subscription from across the world after using JAMAKE. The company charges 30,000 yen for the subscription per month which allows the user to reach out to 32 countries with 9 different languages and share the video with meta translation and video subtitles. The company has subscribers in the US, Japan, South America and several other countries.

Revolutionizing crowdfunding

The company has revolutionized crowdsourcing of video translation tasks and has sound foundations such as VAD, NLP and FDS. Crowdfunded by 1,000 users, the product is 80% cost-effective as compared to rival companies. It also has an edge over competitors as it offers a maximum number of services such as native translations, automatic subtitle registration service, real-time request, proper UX/UI, analysis of overseas entries, etc. 

The company, founded by Sangheon Lee, a graduate from the Yonsei University, won the ‘Best in Business’ Evaluation of Startup Item Commercialization this year and was also selected as TIPS (Start-up planner, private investment-driven technology start-up support). It also released the JAMAKE Beta Service.

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