Korean startup Viva Korea’s breast enhancement cream ranks as the top-selling

Viva Korea produces products for women healthcare.

Korean startup VivaKorea has brought in a revolution in the market for breast enhancement thought its flagship product Viva Cream. The cream is a solution for those women looking for getting firmer breasts without the help of any medical surgery. Viva Cream works especially for those with flaccidity after giving birth or breastfeeding.

Giving women the choice to feel better 

Viva Cream is Korea’s first breast enhancement cream containing Volufiline. The cosmetics company founded in 2009, started with the goal to give women a surgery-free option to enhance breast size and at the same time smell nice. Viva Cream is a simple to use cream, that can show full effect in firming breasts in a month’s time if applied regularly as per directions. The cream has been ranked top for 8 years with over 2000 real reviews received from various sources. The company exports Viva Cream to over 17 countries and is the top cream in Korea and Japan. The startup has recorded accumulated sales of over 2,470,000.

Safe to use product

Since its launch, the company has upgraded Viva Cream using more natural friendly ingredients and advanced manufacturing technology. Viva Cream is 100% made in Korea in a certified manufacturing facility under the most stringent safety standards. The cream is labeled as having no side effects or hormonal changes.  Viva Cream has been approved by the FDA in the USA for its safety and efficacy. Owing to its popularity Viva Cream has won many accolades as well. It has received Premium Brand Awards chosen by female consumers in 2014 and 2016.

Besides its flagship product, Viva Korea also manufactures other types of breast enhancement products like a breast patch, whitening cream, breast massage silicone, etc. The startup will be presenting its product at Jakarta, Indonesia on October 2019, when it joins a Korean startup forum there. 

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February 14,2020

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