Korean startup Stipop’s emoticon platform launches HQ stickers with intuitive UI/UX for the global mobile user

Emoticons are fun! Which is why an increasing number of mobile users use emoticon stickers more than texting to communicate. The customized character stickers make communication even more fun as the user can get creative, turn into an animal or a food item! Seoul-based startup Stipop is a revolutionary content platform that offers superior quality stickers with intuitive UI/UX. Founded in 2017, it offers a chance to the user to share and sell the stickers too while maintaining the copyright on the design.

More than just a sticker market

Stipop is a new content-based social platform, where people can share their creativity. The smart content categorizing system offers the chance to choose different cultures, languages, age groups and gender for a highly personalized experience. The app has a ‘special effect’ facility that makes using the emoticons even more fun.

 There is a sticker feed of 10,000 plus stickers to choose from and that too, within a few seconds! The user can share their creativity and also get inspired by thousands of ideas on the app. The subscription for the app is very affordable at only $10 a month.

 The app promises to be a powerful insight tool to understand how the emotional mechanism of the target audience works. The app has easy-setting API and SDK and can be installed within a day. The uploading process takes a few minutes and within 48 hours your stickers can be online, reaching out to thousands of global users. This can help you sell your stickers fast.

The app also provides you with sales analytics by sharing the details of your audience, such as the demographics, feedbacks and sticker tastes of your customers in real-time. The income made from the sale of one’s stickers is transferred every month if it meets the minimum payment amount, leaving you to pursue your creative ideas instead of worrying about payment reaching you!

Huge scope for expansion

While emoticons stickers are a huge crazy in Korea, the founders feel the Western market offers a massive chance for expansion. The domestic character market, including mobile emoticons and character products, is estimated to be worth $10.8 billion, while the global character market is thought to reach 202 trillion Korean won, according to statistics. The cute, chubby, smiley characters are quite popular around the globe, feel the founders, and therefore have a great demand.

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