Korean startup Muzik Creative Label creates artistic eyewear

Eyes are the soul’s window to the world and deserve the best of care.  But when it comes to eyewear, most of the market is flooded with a monopolistic market with designs that don’t offer much variety. Korean startup Muzik Creative Label is launching products that look at eyewear design with the interesting perspective of music as well as using steel. It endeavors to become a part of the daily lives of the users, regardless of age, nationality, cultural background and gender. The company manufactures eyeglasses and has generated the house brands MUZIK and STEALER.

Unique brands that go beyond the name

With the vision of making the eyewear as an unlimited tool to tell stories, express ideas and create original yet dynamic eyewear designs, MUZIK creates eyewear based on musical inspiration.  The other brand STEALER is made from steel, making it unique. The products are made through a steel layering technique.

The company also designs the packaging which it believes is as important as the product inside. Founded in 2013, the startup currently employs 20 people and has been backed by VC Angel. It hopes to be ranked among the top 5 eyewear brands in the same market segment in the world. The average price of the eyewear is competitively priced at $180. The company prides itself on using Mazzucchelli acetate sheets for its lens, thereby ensuring the product’s superior quality.

Collaborating as key to expansion

With the belief that successful collaboration creates value Muzik Creative Label has been actively collaborating with prominent brands and artists such as Paraboot and Anderson Paak since 2014. ‘Glatus’, a collaborative smart driving sunglass product between Muzik Creative Label and Hyundai Innocean Worldwide was successfully unveiled at CES 2018. The company is also in talks with Coca-Cola, Vespa and Riot Games to co-project with Muzik Creative Label by 2020. The company also markets its products through departmental stores, specialty stores, flagship stores as well as online channels. It is available in Hong Kong, China and Singapore with its marketing office in Milan and plans to expand further in the coming years.

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