Korean startup Mobiltech to present ‘Replica City’ – the smart spatial information solution – at TIPS beSUCCESS event in the USA

The Korean startup Mobiltech, which is a leading player in the autonomous driving technology space, is set to present its unique service ‘Replica City’ at the TIPS beSUCCESS Korean Startup Showcase @ Silicon Valley 2020 on February 4th & 5th. ‘Replica City’ is Mobiltech’s spatial information solution for smart cities.

The hi-precision technology developed by Mobiltech can replicate data of real-world objects, especially utilities such as traffic lights, signs, etc., and environments into 3D models. It can be used for mapping, monitoring, and planning for urban utilities, sensors, assets, etc. The technology can enable the launch of smart mobility services such as autonomous shuttles and delivery robots.

Founded in 2017 by Jason Kim, it sells 3D scanned data acquired using the XL-replica, called “Replica City.” Currently, the company has scanned data for K-city (autonomous driving test facility of Korea), Songdo (a part of the Incheon Free Economic Zone), and some parts of Seoul and Silicon Valley. It is also collecting 3D scanned data for Seoul.

The efficiency of the process is constantly being improved with continuously developing Artificial Intelligence technology. With data processing automation, the HD map building cost is greatly reduced as compared to competitors.

The Replica data beneficiaries
The data can help local governments to make their city management system smarter. The automotive and transportation industries will be one of the main consumers in the spatial information market as HD maps are essential. Major industries such as manufacturing, energy, and architecture are also innovating their work processes using spatial information, which is essential for smart cities. While the largest market in the spatial information market is North America, the Asia Pacific market is the ‘fastest growing’ market in the spatial information market.

Technology to resolve difficult area surveys and mapping

Mobiltech’s digital twin technology duplicates the real world with its own-developed Replica Series in both types of LiDAR SLAM and MMS. The company’s 3D scanners – L Replica does real-time 3D mapping for indoor and outdoor use. It has GPS free solution to survey projects at difficult places and applies to an autonomous robot.  The XL Replica scanner is a high definition Mobile Mapping System with multiple sensors synchronization and Artificial Intelligence-based (AI) data categorizing algorithm. The DL-Replica product is a LiDAR, camera, and IMU Sensor fusion module directly applicable to the computer vision RnD area using a camera and LiDAR. It is usable in various formats from a drone to the tank.

Mobiltech’s next-gen products

DL-replica is a scanner that supports both MMS and SLAM method and can be used with a variety of platforms including drones, robots, and vehicles because it is compact and light. Mobiltech’s 3D spatial information scanners, including XL-replica and DL-replica, are all cm-class precise
XL-replica is an MMS-method scanner, suitable for acquiring basic 3D scan data for making HD map. With the XL-replica, you can get 3D point clouds and 360-degree images. Mobiltech’s 3D spatial information scanners, including XL-replica and DL-replica, are all cm-class precise

Working to connect robotic technology to real-time

Mobiltech has investments from Naver and Hyundai Motor Group in recognition of their sensor fusion technology. The company has collaborated for some prestigious projects like GwangHwaMoon, K-City and SongDo_Road in South Korea. Mobiltech is making HD maps, developing localization SW, and perception SW for the autonomous vehicle using the spatial information. The startup aims to launch the ‘Mobiltech Integrated Perception System,’ which includes sensor fusion algorithm, HD map, localization SW, and perception SW – and supplies it to autonomous car-shuttle manufacturers.

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February 14,2020

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