Korean startup Mlab’s  mStuv’ app lets you Search, Share, Shop while watching videos 

mSTUV makes video tagging fun.

If you are watching a video online, there is not much you can do besides watch it. There are several occasions when you want to find out about the brand of clothing your favourite actor might be wearing or the location of the video or the recipe of the dish in the video. Now imagine if you could find all your answers while watching the video. Wouldn’t that be great?

Korean startup MLab’s mStuv’s app now allows you to do all that and more! You can search, tag and shop – all this while watching your favourite video. 

All-in-one video streaming platform

The app is user-friendly and makes searching for information easy. One simply has to tag on the scene or touch the Key tag to find the product or service information. You can also watch videos that are trending. There are no ads that offer the user the pleasure of uninterrupted watching pleasure. The user can also simultaneously share the videos and information with friends and family while watching. 

​Tag, you’re it!

mSTUV visualizes trending comments (called ‘Tag’) on the video’s timeline to provide all kinds of information. Through Tags, users can find information on a specific scene or item they see. Accumulated powerful metadata from user tags will also connect users with their favorable services and popular products. The ‘tag’ is your comment on the scene of a video. The tagging time is indicated in the comment box. Users can also create Tag lists that moves you to the tagging position and plays the video from there. A magnifying glass icon helps you to find tag comment information easily. The ‘key’ tag shows information on the keywords of the video. Advertisers can provide Key tag information which can directly link to their products. So, one can shop while enjoying their favourite video!

The app has already made a huge impact and won several awards such as the 11th Digital Innovation Awards – Grand Prix, Innovative Korean & Power Korea – Win a Prize in 2016. It also made it to the top 3 in the MIK (Made in Korea) and was among the top 30 in the SVIEF Innovation award.

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