Korean startup LiBEST creates world’s first Wireless Charging Band for Apple Watch

Artenix Band can charge Apple Watch on the go.

Korean startup LiBEST has come with a smart wireless band to charge the Apple Watch on the go. LiBEST has put a flexible battery in the ARTENIX BAND that can give the Watch more than a day’s battery life and also look stylish to wear.

Stylish wearable battery for smart devices

ARTENIX sure has a stylish outlook but what is inside the band is more powerful. The band contains a flexible battery with an element to charge the Apple Watch. The bands are swappable, so the user need never take off the Apple Watch for charging unlike what has to be done with the electric plug chargers.  

The ARTENIX  BAND comprises three components: the standard band, which comes in a single tour or double tour variety, a charging band, and a connecting piece. Bands come in black, brown, red or blue colours and are compatible with Apple Watch series 1, 2, 3 and 4. ARTENIX BAND provides 550 mAh, extending the battery life up to 16 hours. The ARTENIX BAND can be recharged by inserting the provided Micro USB cable into a USB port, or a separate power adapter that plugs into a wall.

The main element in the smart band is the flexible battery, which is LiBEST’s design innovation genius. The flexible battery enhances the battery life of wearables. The full-range flexible battery allows wearables to be lighter, thinner, and more flexible and it satisfies increasing demands for longer battery life with high capacity. The flexible battery can be used for a variety of other wearables besides the Apple Watch like other smartwatches, fitness trackers, wireless headphones, VR/AR glasses, smartbelts, etc.

Device ready for pre-order

LiBEST is marketing the benefits of ARTENIX for Apple Watches. The company has participated in a number of trade and tech shows to showcase ARTENIX . The ARTENIX BANDs with the charging function are now available for pre-order starting at $199.

LiBEST Inc. that stands for Lithium-ion Battery Energy Science and Technology, was founded in 2016 with a vision to revolutionize wearable technology and create a better life. LiBEST has increased the areal capacity of batteries while maintaining full-range flexibility using advanced technology. LiBEST is ready to power wearables to the next level and will be presenting the product and the company’s potential to a number of investors at the RISE conference in Hong Kong to be held from July 8 to 11 and supported by the Korea Institute of Startups & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED). The RISE Tech Conference attracts many prominent leaders from global companies, major media outlets and influential investors to Hong Kong.

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February 14,2020

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