Korean startup KnowRe makes learning mathematics interesting and fun

KnowRe has interesting user interface for students to learn math online.

Mathematics is the most difficult subject for most school going children. There is always a need to get extra support for the subject of math, which a Korean startup KnowRe has been providing successfully to students across the world through its unique online platform.

The best tool for students and math teachers

KnowRe has developed an adaptive math educational software which has game-like features for pre-Algebra, Algebra I and Algebra II. The platform covers math curricula for grades 1 to 11 and offers students personalised and engaging learning experience. When a student attempts to solve a problem, KnowRe basically breaks it into small components and assesses where in the process the student might be making a mistake. The software’s algorithm creates a personalised curriculum for each student to focus on their strengths and weaknesses. The platform also gives teachers the data about the individual student so they can adjust school lessons.

KnowRe has an interesting user interface with gaming elements to engage the students with learning.  One of KnowRe’s most striking feature is the game-like knowledge map, that resembles a role-playing adventure game map. Students have to solve problems through different areas in the map and with each success they can unlock new levels and areas. To help students resolve difficult stages the platform offers math videos.

Winning accolades for innovation

The edutainment element of KnowRe has brought much acknowledgment for the platform.  The startup had won the “Best Instructional App” award in the New York City Department of Education’s first “Gap App Challenge” in 2014.  The startup was recognized as “The World’s Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in EdTech” by Fast Company. “Our goal is not to create a game that has an educational element. The real goal is to create a very sophisticated education program that has certain game-like elements,” is what the co-founder and co-CEO of KnowRe David Joo had told in a media statement.

The company was originally founded in 2008 as an after-school math tutoring academy in South Korea that focused on providing a personalized, assessment-based learning experience to every student. When the academy grew in popularity and size, it was tough to give the same level of personalized attention to students and that’s when in 2012 the idea of KnowrRe was born.

In 2014 the company set up a headquarter in New York and launched a version for the U.S. school market. KnowRe has successful partnerships for distributing its tool with major edutech companies like Daekyo, Sylvan Learning and EBS. The startup received its seed funding of $1.4 million from Softbank Ventures Korea. In 2014 it raised $6.8 million led by a previous investor, Softbank Ventures Korea, with KTB Network Co., LTD, Partners Investment and SparkLabs Global Ventures also joining. In 2016 the startup had received $6.4 million as funds.

KnowRe has now become a leading provider of educational technology and math content in the United States and South Korea. The startup now wants to expand to China for providing educational content.

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