Korean startup Kitronyx offers advanced pressure sensing solution for multiple purposes

Kitronyx provides pressure mapping devices.

Korean startup Kitronyx is an engineering company that provides pressure distribution measurement and force touch products/solutions to individuals, companies, universities and government agencies. Based on seasoned expertise in pressure mapping and multi-touch technologies, Kitronyx has assisted many clients to employ professional pressure sensing techniques in their applications and manufacturing processes.

Technology that maps pressure for various applications

The startup offers integrated solutions including sensor, electronics, firmware, and software in a hardware development kit (HDK) or design service. Kitronyx’s technology combines a thin-film sensor, dedicated electronics and software to detect pressure applied on many points of the sensor. Major applications for the products are to measure surface contact pressure to test manufacturing machines and monitor manufacturing process in factories. Kitronyx has sold products and provided solutions to Samsung electronics, SDI, etc. Another application is medical and healthcare where customers are interested in body pressure mapping data.

 Kitronyx has high-resolution and low-resolution Foot Pressure Mapping or Sensing Mat and Kits that provide raw ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion) values which are changed according to applied pressure. The product line of Kitronyx has various applications, including human-machine interfaces with 3D force sensing, configurable buttons, keypad or scrolling functions, Industrial Touch Sensing Control Panels, Gaming Devices, Plantar Foot Pressure Mapping, Gait Analysis, Veterinary Analysis, Material and Product Test, Sports Analysis, Embedded Sensing Platform, Ergonomics, Medical, Automotive and Manufacturing analysis. Kitronyx also offers custom engineering services with Snowboard, an easy and low-cost force/touch development tool with a 16×10 FSR matrix array sensor (160 sensors). Besides pressure mapping, the Snowboard supports a single zone FSR sensor as well as analog capacitive sensing.  Kitronyx is also considering applying its technology to the smart phone and touch screen markets.

In 2014, Kitronyx was founded by Dr. Wook Chang who worked for Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology from 2001 to 2009 where he developed capacitive touch screen technologies. Kitronyx works closely with multiple leading companies and organizations in various fields – semiconductor, display, consumer electronics, textile/wearable technology, and flexible printed electronics. Kitronyx is actively expanding its business in Korea mainly targeting industrial sensing applications and plans to expand in medical/health care and input device market.

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