Korean startup JRDWorks developing postpartum care platform through H&T Education Center

The first few months after the birth of a child are very crucial for both the mother and the newborn. With the nuclear family system existing in most countries, a crucial need is there for the availability of good postpartum service. Korean startup JRDWorks is developing a system for training caregivers for postpartum care. JRDWorks’ H&T Education Center for postpartum care helper nurture and dispatch business is a step in the direction.

Training the caregivers

In 2019, JRDWorks’H & T Education Center will operate more than 15 childcare specialist education institutions in South Korea, starting with five major cities and provinces including Seoul, Gyeonggi, Busan, Sejong and Gwangju. The startup will be using the services of more than 60 qualified instructors, including doctors, nurses, midwives, and medical personnel. The training manual for postpartum caregivers by H&T Center has been made by the best experts in Korea that include maternal/newborn care, postpartum care, nutrition, breastfeeding, and CS.

JRDWorks plan of action for the postpartum caregiving service is simple to use. The expectant mothers and the families can join the H&T program with a general sign up and procure the services of expert nurses. The program will also help with childcare products and services for mothers (beauty care etc). The online/offline platform is customized for life-cycle care services just like financial companies managing assets.

Joining hands with China

The startup is working on the postpartum caregiving business in a joint venture with China, where there is a similar need. The funding and marketing part is taken care of by Chinese counterparts while the Korean team is involved in developing the business model and expertise training. The startup has signed an MoU with Shenyang Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center Co., Ltd. HK PERFECT INT GROUP, InnoSpace and All-China Women’s Federation Cheonjin·Delegate. The startup is looking for funds and investments for its platform to develop it into a world-class service for postpartum care. 

JRDWorks is attending the ‘Guro Innovation Summit’ 2019 to pitch its product for exploring investment and funding opportunities. The Summit is to be organized by the Guro district office and Seoul Venture Incubator (SVI) in partnership with beSUCCESS on July 18th, 2019 at the G-Valley Convention.

GURO district office, SVI & beSUCCESS to host ‘GURO INNOVATION SUMMIT 2019’

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