Korean startup Innerbottle that produces zero-waste dispensers starts Kickstarter campaign

Innerbottle,the Korean startup, which has come up with an innovative packaging bottle solution that ensures a zero-waste and sustainable environment, has started its Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for further development and growth. Innerbottle’s kickstarter.com campaign was started by the company on June 28, 2019. The company hopes to raise over $25,000 from it.  

A sustainable solution for packaging 

Innerbottle has developed a mechanism to solve residue waste and obstacles for recycling plastic. With its patented Innerbottle technology and Pressure Protection technology, the startup brings innovation to packaging. Innerbottle’s design for bottles allows more usage than any other conventional dispenser leaving less than 2% residue. The container’s 2-layer barrier and Diffusion Barrier Effect, prevents oxidation and denaturation, keeping it safe until the final use. The technology’s 1-valve’s solution prevents contamination and is suitable for sustainable development by providing a plastic replaceable solution. The cost of recycling an Innerbottle product is cost effective when compared to conventional packaging. Innerbottle’s solution can be applied to any size and shape of containers and packages, maximizing package design flexibility.

The company provides a dispenser bottle solution for B2B trading, which is under production. The dispenser of Inner bottle has an outer cap and pump made of PP with other materials inside. The Outer bottle is made of PCR which includes 5% recycled PETG and is made of non-toxic and BPA free 100% silicone. The startup hopes to launch a full-fledged business by the end of 2019. The startup’s product is particularly useful for the health care and cosmetic product industries. The company has partnered with leading Korean cosmetics product companies Mishha and Cosmax for its dispenser-based lotions and other products. 

Kickstarter funding to be used for growth 

The startup that was founded in 2017 has a team of experts in engineering and business administration. The company CEO and creator of the Innerbottle solution, Steve Oh Seil, studied Electric and Electronic engineering and he is a registered patent attorney in Korea. Steve understands various fields of technologies such as the mechanical, material, and chemical industry by involving various IP cases. Innerbottle has an award for the ‘startup of the year’ from IN_PACT ASIA 2019 held in Manila, hosted by Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the Asia Society for Social Improvement and Social Transformation (ASSIST).  The startup also made an impactful presentation at Sustainable Cosmetic Summit 2019 in May in New York City.

The startup is aiming to revolutionize the bottle packaging with its solution, which is an environment-friendly and zero-waste product. The startup is offering a 90ml free lotion bottle for the backers of the Kickstarter campaign. With the funds from the Kickstarter campaign, the company hopes to get into full-fledged production and marketing for the product.

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