Korean startup HAII’s Chemi app uses AI voice-based algorithm to accurately predict your compatible partner 

Finding love online is a convenient 21st-century trend but users still have many apprehensions, especially the fear of false information and unpleasant experiences. Korean startup HAII (Human-AI-Information) is a Therapeutic Companion Bot Development Company that has launched Chemi that uses AI to match you with the right person without the hassle of trying to find the right one. It uses AI to analyze the characteristics of the voice and content to accurately recommend a compatible partner according to an algorithm. 

It uses voice and data from the users’ voice tone, interests shared and preferences to stimulate sentiments. The app allows users to understand the other person’s tastes through Preference Type Test and Daily Questions based on Pierre Bourdieu’s Theory. There is automatic filtering and a report function for inappropriate language and activity that blocks out unwanted users. The app target users in their 20s and 30s.

The Chemi advantage – Safe and Scientific

Chemi offers a safe platform for users to meet, have conversations and make connections. It provides a powerful automatic filter to profanity and obscene language and has a ‘report’ function to allow self-filtering.  The user can take 9 easy preference tests based on a scientific theory which lets you know your preference type. There are three questions asked every day that record your thoughts and share them to find your ideal type of partner.  Since Chemi uses voice data, users can freely express who they are anytime and anywhere. 

Business expansion plans

Founded by Jinwoo Kim, Chemi plans to generate revenue from a service coin system inside the application and enterprise data market. It plans to use both the B2B model for the enterprise data market and the B2C model for consumer apps. Future plans are to function as an online dating service and to become the first voice-based SNS. The company plans to offer a voice data collection platform, launch and open-beta service and create a voice-filtering technology this year. Plans involve releasing the IoS version and reach 100,000 users in 2020. It hopes to become one of the top 3 online dating services by 2023. 

The company is continuously upgrading its voice-date filtering technology and improving the preference analysis function. It is also focusing on user-specific preference profiling through emotional and content analysis and keyword extraction technology. HAII is aiming to restore people’s partnership disappearing from our lives by combining Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and to provide AI Companion services that support people’s shortcomings.

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