Korean startup FishingTAG Smart Measure app hopes to create a more enjoyable fishing society through its online Platform

There is nothing fishy with Korean startup FishingTAG! Jokes aside, the promising Korean startup has come up with an app that lets fishing enthusiasts compete to catch the bigger fish. It aims to enable anglers who cannot participate in fishing events due to the limitations of location and time. For the first time, anglers will get a platform to compete with thousands of other participants in a sport which is essentially physical.

Giving offline feel through an online experience

The app also allows the user to measure the exact size of the fish with just one picture. This information is automatically saved on FishingTag and can easily be shared on other SNS. The user can share and enjoy posts and content posted from almost half a billion fishing lovers across the world!

The camera is activated only when it is leveled and an old photograph cannot be uploaded for the tournament, leaving no chance for fabrication or cheating. Not just this. The angler can get quantitative data on the location, time, weather, air pressure, wind direction, temperature and water flow through FishingTAG Smart Measure to make informed decisions and make the most out of the fishing experience.

Offering many perks

There is some post-fishing related content that can be used freely. The company plans to host online Fishing Tournaments in South Korea, the US, and other countries as part of its expansion plans. It also plans to set up online stores in South Korea and the US for FishingTag Smart Measure. 

The company plans to host mobile fishing competitions for increasing its sales. It also plans to carry out individual sales through the local branch of Bassroshop, the largest distributor of US fishing goods. It shall offer sponsors and advertisers to promote their products on the app. Various fishing-related related services such as booking fishing boats, finding accommodations, and exploring fishing goods stores are provided.

FishingTag is finalizing its participation in SLUSH in Helsinki, Finland, on November 2019 and will be able to promote the re-participation service and secure buyers at the CES exhibition in Las Vegas on January 2020.

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