Korean startup Endo Medics: Acing in the Health & Beauty product line with Ion Stone technology

Vivi Ball is the company's prominent product.

Korean company Endo Medics is giving women options to achieve flawless skin through their unique beauty products. The startup manufactures and provides beauty and household products made out of Ion Stone, that is produced with natural minerals using nanotechnology patented in Korea. The company also exports beauty care products.

From Endoscopy to Health & Beauty Products

Endo Medics was founded in 2006 for distributing Endoscopy accessories and devices in Korea. Since 2016, the company has started its trading department that imports and exports Health & Beauty Products. The company’s flagship product is the Ion Vivi Ball, which is a ceramic skin-care ball and has Global distributorships in Russia, Thailand and Malaysia. Endo Medics skincare and beauty products are:

1)    Vivi Ball: It is a ceramic ball manufactured using 100% natural materials that emit negative ion. Negative ions that are created naturally are basically negative oxygen atoms, that can help stimulate the regeneration of skin cells. The Vivi Ball has anti-aging benefits as it improves blood circulation. It removes impurities from the skin and so keeps it acne-free.

2)    Vivi Stick: It is a pore care massager with an Ion stone ball. It helps tighten pores, good for sebum removal and removes excess facial oil. This product is quite beneficial for those with excessively oily skin. 


3)    SolStick Mini:

This is a hair removal stick that Endo Medics imported in 2017 from Japan. It is an easy to carry portable hair remover, that removes fine facial hair or called peachy fuzz, and also helps clear hair from the sides of the face, upper lips, armpits and around bikini lines. The shaver can also be used by men.

4) De2peau Cean soap: This multipurpose soap uses 15 times concentrated deep seawater. It is a perfect traveling product for skincare as it can be shampoo and body wash. It contains ingredients such as fructan, hyaluronic acid, evening primrose oil and aloe vera that hydrate dry or acne-prone skin.

Homecare & Healthcare products 

Besides skincare and beauty, Endo Medics also produce health and home care products using Ion stone technology.

1)    Parune: It is a massage patch with natural Ion stone, that removes wastes inside the body, stimulates blood circulation and quickly relieves fatigue and pain from the body.

2)Seupdori: It is a negative ion-emitting natural stone air freshener. It functions as a deodorizer and dehumidifier.

3) Homedaebak: It is a multi-purpose, semi-permanent, antibacterial deodorizer, that can be placed in refrigerator, wardrobes and closets.

Endo Medics has succeeded in its trading and manufacturing of beauty care products in Korea. The company is now looking to expand to more Asian markets and looking for trustworthy business partners in Indonesia. The representatives of the company will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia in October 2019, as part of a Korean startup forum to present its products and technology to potential partners and investors.

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February 14,2020

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