Korean startup DeepSearch to develop ‘Robo Analytics’; attracts 3 billion won investment

DeepSearch Inc., a FinTech startup that provides  B2B financial information service about businesses and industries, has attracted 3 billion won, about $2.6 million, of investment in Series C funding, which will be utilized to develop a robs-analyst powered by artificial intelligence. The investment comes from Stone Bridge Capital, Korea Investment Partners, Hyundai Technology Investment and Laguna Investment.

DeepSearch to collaborate with Samsung for Bixby

In October 2018, DeepSearch signed an alliance with Samsung Asset Management to develop products aimed at proliferating Samsung customers’ wealth. Now with the investment, DeepSearch aims to integrate their services onto Bixby, Samsung’s personal assistant. DeepSearch’s integration with Bixby aims to help those in investment and stock management analyze the market through voice commands. 

The startup also has plans to collaborate with other firms and robs-advisors in Singapore including the Singapore Exchange (SGX), Global Mega-trend Index (GM) and WeInvest.

Expanding the reach throughout Asia

“We are currently expanding DeepSearch’s services from pre-emptive crisis response for banks and insurers to asset debt managers through a business partnership with large financial institutions, and we want to compete proudly as a Korean FinTech firm in the Asian market through our advances into Singapore in 2019.” CEO Jay Kim told the media.

DeepSearch has been developing the technology that automates the process of manually analyzing investments with insights from big data and machine learning since 2013. It is able to search and analyze financial market data in real time to seek investment possibilities customized to the investor’s criteria. Their platform services have been shown to be a helpful tool for businesses, industries, financial news gatherers and many other individuals.

DeepSearch: A search engine to help make insightful investment decisions

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