Korean startup Brandnew Tech’s Vivivik uses AI for logo design solutions

Designing your dream logo is now as easy as A,B,C! Korean tech startup Brandnew Tech’s Vivivik is an AI-enabled logo design platform. The website provides convenient access to a variety of design services and templates for business cards, leaflets, and stickers that are essential for promoting businesses. The user can now create their own logo in a few, simple steps and purchased the logo for commercial purposes. It can be tested for free on the manufacturer’s website and is protected as a trademark.

Your logo is your brand identity

The start of any successful business begins with its brand identity and an appropriate logo is the face of your business venture. However, for smaller businesses, or startups, hiring a professional logo design company can be an expensive prospect. Vivivik is perfect for smaller or newer businesses as one can simply design their own logo!

The easiest way to make the perfect logo

Forget about hours of meetings with a design agency and the challenges of conveying your expectations. On vivivik.com, you simply have to enter basic information for the design and select your favorite logotype. You are required to share the details such as the name of the company, type of industry, slogan of the company if any.  Once this information is entered, AI will then recommend logo designs that match your requirements. In case you want to see the different design, you can change the information entered in the first step and generate the logo design again. Not just this, you can easily edit the selected logo and customize it further by trying various layouts, colours, adding shapes, etc. The process is not only fun but unleashes your creativity! 

The website offers a range of logos from design to industrial, etc. There is also a choice of ‘initial’ logo that emphasizes certain alphabets. Currently, there are 30 thousand logos in the database and the company is producing 10,000 logos every year. 

Vivivik is trying to shift the paradigm of the design market through Artificial Intelligence, whose value is being recognized across the globe. The company has applied for 2 patents of AI logo maker in Korea and is also researching at the Korea University to deepen AI based design solutions. The company to venture further into Business card Printing, Trademark Right and Marketing. 

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