Korean startup Adriel has affordable & impactful AI-based marketing solutions for small businesses and startups

Adriel offers affordable and impactful digital advertising solution.

Digital presence is imperative for marketing businesses. While large corporates and big business houses have specialized ad agencies working for digital marketing, small business and startups often lag behind because of the costs involved in hiring an agency. Seoul based startup Adriel has created a service to help startups and owners of small businesses run ads efficiently for less money.

Easy for clients, impactful marketing 

Adriel has an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered digital advertising platform that allows users to run digital ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and other social media at a minimum price of $5. Adriel is super easy to use as the user has to just input basic information about their business, like website URL and the platform’s marketing engine generates campaigns for multiple platforms. Adriel can post the ads across platforms within the user’s budget.

The platform also works for optimization of the ads so they perform to the peak of their potential target audience for the business. Adriel also uses geo-localization technology to show ads to the customer’s nearby businesses.  The business owner can monitor Adriel’s work through an online dashboard.

 The startup has received positive reviews from its clients. The main advantage of Adriel is that it reduces marketing costs for small businesses. At the same time, advertising through the platform has a significant impact. Since its launch in 2017, the startup has over 4,000 users. Startup and small businesses like Monobottle, Sweet Balance, AMO benefited a lot from Adriel’s marketing campaigns.

Enterprising founder with a vision of global growth 

Adriel was selected for Facebook’s Namsan Lab in Korea in September 2018, where the startup got help with technology enhancement, networking and developing a business model. The company launched its services in Korean and English and aims for further global expansion. Adriel has opened up offices in London and Silicon Valley to get to the European and US markets. The startup already has clientele from 21 countries besides Korea. Adriel is looking to form partnerships in Japan and India and also get business in Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. On average, the company has posted 100 percent growth rate per month.

The founder of the company is an enterprising woman, Eom Soo-won, who got her Master’s in Finance from HEC Paris. She has worked with firms like the international management consulting firm Oliver Wyman and the Korean branch of AXA. The team of Adriel will be attending the RISE conference in Hong Kong to present their creative service. RISE is to be held from July 8 to 11 and is supported by the Korea Institute of Startups & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED). The RISE Tech Conference attracts many prominent leaders from global companies, major media outlets, and influential investors.

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