Korean firm PnP Biopharm brings in innovation for cosmeceutical products with its highly efficient technology

Korean startup PnP Biopharm is the world’s leading R&D institute and manufacturer for growth factors and peptide for cosmeceutical products. The company is known for its highly efficient protein expression technology Vexpress and long-acting growth factors (GFs). PnP Biopharm also produces its own cosmeceutical and OEM products using GFs, the protein molecules that stimulate cellular proliferation.

Leading in protein & peptide technology  

PnP Biopharm was established in 2011, with the technology transferred from Professor Hang-Cheol Shin, an expert in protein production and engineering with over 30 years of experience. The startup has developed the world’s first highly efficient and cost-competitive activated protein expression platform technology – Vexpress. It holds numerous related patents and can produce various growth factors as cosmetics and therapeutic applications. Vexpress synthesizes “active protein forms” so the cost of protein production can be greatly reduced as compared to conventional methods. PnP’s R&D team has also successfully developed the more stable form of Growth Factors, which can maintain activity at high temperature and lasts for long-term. PnP Biopharm supplies a unique growth factor complex for intensive skin and hair care solution. 

Skin & Hair products with advanced technology

PnP-Biopharm’s skincare GFs can help to synthesize collagen reducing the appearance of fine lines and its hair-care products contain HFC (hair-factor complex) that prevents hair loss and promote the appearance of fuller and healthier hair. PnP-Biopharm’s main cosmeceuticals products are:

1)    Cellcurin: This hair serum has been made using the clinically tested and patented peptide formula, Hair Factor Complex (HFC). Available for both clinic and home care use formats, the serum stimulates the scalp’s restorative ability to optimize the hair cycle. It nourishes the scalp, prevents hair fall and gives overall volume to the hair.

2)   Artgen: The skin serum with GFs activates and promotes cell proliferation. This is an intensive skincare solution with its cosmeceutical peptides aids in anti-aging and has skin brightening effects.

3)    Rubsyco: This moisturizing cream with complex GF gives skin soft texture, smoothness and keeps it well hydrated for a radiant and youthful look.

Since its launch, the startup PnP Biopharm has built a strong presence in the cosmeceutical market by supplying various growth factors for cosmetic applications. With intensive R&D, PnP Biopharm has successfully commercialized its products of outstanding quality that help users have healthy skin and hair. The company has the vision to dedicate more to the research, development and quality improvement of protein and peptide industry. PnP Biopharm will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia on October 2019, as part of a Korean startup forum to present its products and technology to potential partners and investors.

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