Korean fashion startup Omnious’ AI technology uses fashion data to propel sales

Fashion demands that one continually keeps up with the latest trends. Fashion companies must also identify fashion trends quickly to stay competitive. That’s why Korean fashion startup Omnious is the perfect solution for companies that want to stay ahead in the rat race. The startup was launched in 2015 by Jae Young Jun and Jun-Cheol Park.

Omnious develops fashion image recognition solutions with Deep Learning-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that recognizes, or ‘tags,’ various product features ranging from images to colors, shapes, print details and materials, and list out the similarities between different product images.

Tagging as key to staying ahead

As the world moves into digitalization, the fashion e-commerce industry’s transformation is still slow. Omnious, with its AI technology, ‘Omnious Tagger’ accelerates the digital transformation for companies, helping them manage and analyze catalog with tag data. Omnious Tagger detects not only generic attributes like items and colors but also tags micro trend attributes such as prints, textures, design details, and styles within a matter of few seconds. The companies can use this data to provide user-friendly search and personalized recommendations and provide enhanced customer experience.

The Tagger classifies 13 kinds of fashion categories, such as colors, badges, details, and styles that AI uses in photographs. This data is applied to product search keyword and filter optimization and reflected in product planning that consumers want to purchase. The company has accumulated more than 2.8 million fashion images and 800,000 fashion images as its learning data. The technology boasts of 95% accuracy and 20.2% better search accuracy than the global competitor.

Plans to collaborate globally

A number of style filters powered by Omnious Tagger also keep the customers engaged. Besides the Tagger, the company plans to provide AI-based visual search that enables users to find similar product information quickly and accurately, style recommendation, and an easy-to-use consumer trend in the near future. The company offers a $1990 subscription per month with a customizable plan with a free trial. The company has received a total of 1 billion won or about $885,000 in investments from venture capital company Korea Investment Partners. It has also attracted 300 million won or about $ 258, 851 in seed investment from Mashup Angels and Big Basin Capital last year.

The company promises to provide better customer experience and customized solutions by collaborating with fashion and commerce companies that are willing to utilize Artificial Intelligence technology. It hopes to establish strong connections with domestic and foreign commerce and fashion companies as well as other companies that need image recognition solutions.

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February 14,2020

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