Korean Fashion App Zigzag making profitable ‘fashion’ statements

Zigzag is one of the most popular fashion marketplaces for young Korean women.

Korean fashion app Zigzag has been a successful venture in the world of shopping. The app developed by Croquis Inc. focuses on women fashion in South Korea and is a must-have app for 75 % of women in their 20s in the country. In 2018, the app crossed 500 billion won or $ 442 million worth of order value, making its growth over 50% over the previous year.

Shopping Mall for female fashion

Zigzag was launched in 2015 as a platform for cumulative fashion shopping. Just like a shopping mall, the app caters a variety of fashion brands to the users. The app has over 3,000 women’s shopping malls and already boasts of over 100 million users. The startup has already got over 10 million downloads and has reported 80% annual transaction growth.

The app uses a unique algorithm system to enhance the shopping experience through customized suggestions. The app offers store ranking information, product integrations and list of ‘favourites’ for its users. Zigzag’s salient feature of weekly popularity ranking and customized recommendations based on user’s patterns have played a key role in its rapid growth.

Supporting and Growing with Businesses

In 2017, Croquis Inc secured an initial investment of $3 million from Silicon Valley investment firm Altos Ventures. In the same year, it got more investment of $6.15 million from Korean VC firm Stonebridge Capital and Altos Ventures.  

Croquis CEO Johnny Seo had told media that the startup wants to help businesses by creating sustainable business for retailers in the fashion shopping district of Dongdaemun, as well as supporting new businesses entering the market. The startup has gained a large market base in Korea and is now planning to expand in other regions of Asia and eventually go global with its popularity.

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