Korean company Wave develops world’s first kinesiology taping performance wear for athletic and therapeutic purpose

Korean sports technology company Wave Company has developed the world’s first genuine kinesiology taping wear – Wave Wear.  Kinesiology taping is used prominently by athletes. It is used for physical therapy for various effects such as pain-reducing, posture correcting, performance-enhancing, injury prevention and more. Wave Wear combines the advantages of compression wear and kinesiology taping into one unified product.

Technology that drastically reduces muscle tiredness

Wave Wear’s adhesive bio-silicone closely aligns and adheres to the human skin to provide similar effects to conventional kinesiology taping. The compression provided by Wave Wear has been optimized to maximize blood flow while minimizing muscle vibration to help reduce fatigue. Based on clinical tests, Wave Wear reduces muscle fatigue as much as 35% compared to normal compression wear and bears water much better than conventional kinesiology taping. These properties, as well as Wave Wear’s ease of use and its relatively simple manufacturing process, makes it stand out from the competitors.

Wave Wear was developed through six years of R&D by the Wave Company, that has invested 15% of its sales revenue into R&D constantly. Wave Wear is a product born out of dozens of patents, papers, and testing from Korea, the US, Japan and the EU. Wave Wear mass-produced its first kinesiology taping wear with adhesive bio-silicone and is constantly expanding its product line-up. Wave Company has also developed an EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) suit prototype with its conductive bio-silicone technology and is now preparing it for mass production. Wave company partners with multiple prominent medical, new material and chemical engineering universities in Seoul, South Korea and employs over 30% of its staff as researchers.

Forging ahead in sports technology product market

Wave company has also developed an Anion-releasing silicone pad that is reusable and washable. The pad could be used in garments and many fabric daily supplies such as pillows, sitting cushions and car seats. Wave Company also distributes sports medicine and special products domestically.

The startup that was founded in 2010, wants to enter the top 10 global sports medical clothing market by 2020. In the next three years, the company wants to export its product to over 20 countries. Besides its main branch in Seoul, it has offices in Hong Kong and the USA. 

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