Korean company Eggstar spreading happiness with animated characters ‘Eggroy’ & more

Eggstar's character Eggroy is quite popular.

Korean startup Eggstar Co., Ltd. is continuing its growth spree with its popular animation characters especially the Eggroy. Since its establishment in 2006, Eggstar Co., Ltd. has achieved continued growth

and development based on various content development and creation experience. The character business unit of the startup is creating 2D animation centered on character licensing IP. The startup is producing, and characterizing TV series 2D and 3D animation through its P& E Studio. Some of the most popular animations are Eggroy, Moon Bear Roo, Star Rescue X Team, Sims Adventure.

Expanding globally with ‘Eggroy’

Eggstar Co., Ltd. has signed 2 video distribution contracts in Vietnam and China in 2017 through active overseas exhibitions and buyer consultation. The animation ‘Eggroy’ is being broadcast through the Vietnamese online platform ZingTV and in 24 channels through the Chinese animation distributor Bushin Culture.

The main services offered by Eggstar Co., Ltd include:

1) Character licensing sales and 2D animation production

The company has set targets through designing of character concept and planning. It designs and creates a manual reflecting the characteristics of the character to complete a creative character. The startup also registers trademarks and copyrights appropriate to the global environment.

2) Convergence product development

Eggstar creates new products by convergence with other different products through the users of the original content. Product sales are diversified into online children’s songs, a digital music track, stationery, household items, etc., to maximize added value. The company provides 2D animation services optimized for a terrestrial television series, and online and mobile environments.

3) Global distribution business

With the expansion in Vietnam and China, the company has started its global business journey. The startup wants to expand to South America, the United States, and Europe.  

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