Korean company BluePrintLAB that specialises in virtual try-ons using 3D scanning wants to expand its outreach

BluePrintLAB Inc., a Korean startup that specializes in designing solutions that utilize 3D facial scanning, 3D rendering, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms is looking forward to expanding its service base to fields like cosmetics, plastic surgery, identity scanning, and virtual try-on.

Accurate measurement with 3D scanning and AI algorithms

BluePrintLAB, founded in 2017, provides custom product recommendation and manufacturing solution for enterprise companies with facial recognition and AI technology. Users can use their own smartphone to scan their face. Then AI algorithm analyzes the face data and makes a product recommendation. Users can do Virtual-Try-On. Also, the solution allows the measurement of each part of the face. For example, the distance between eyes, the width of the face, etc. The startup has developed a real-time virtual try-on IOS app for eyewear trials- V2 Virtual Try-On. The app uses 3D facial scanning and AI algorithms to accurately match and recommend frames to users. The startup’s V2 Virtual Try-On offers the most realistic try on experience.  Korean President Moon Jae-in tried the V2 try-on at a trade event last year. 

BluePrintLAB has also developed a cloud-based 3D rendering solution that allows custom products to be easily developed through a web browser and printed. It is making 3D modeling simple and convenient for designers. The cloud-based editor doesn’t require the user to install anything and users can share 3D files with others. The massive 3D model library of BluePrintLAB makes it easy and cost-effective option for designers creating 3D models.

Attracting attention from global companies

BluePrintLAB entered into a partnership with design studio JAW-Studio, and eyewear manufacturer L’AMY for an app that allows consumers to create a bespoke pair of award-winning McLaren Ultimate Vision eyewear with the new iPad Pro. The company is also getting attention for its platform from companies like Gucci and L’Amy.

 The startup is establishing global business base camps through participation in accelerating programs in countries like the US, Malaysia, Vietnam, Austria, etc. The company is now looking to enter other areas where 3D facial scanning and AI algorithm can be useful like the cosmetic industry for customized mask packs, virtual makeup, skin care, prediction, etc., the plastic surgery field, and sophisticated biometrics in autonomous vehicles and financial transactions. The startup projects its sales to be $560k in the year 2019 and $3 million by 2020 end. BluePrintLAB has won many accolades in startup competitions and accelerator programs. The startup’s revenue model is based on B2B deals, which will be license-based for big companies and subscription base for local stores. 

The company is doing user test in Dallas, Texas with Hyphen and LA, California with MASQ. and wishes to penetrate the US market. Also, the startup has plan to expand business to Vietnam with Shinhan Future’s lab. Vietnam is long land in north and south so that it is difficult to visit eyewear stores for people, who live in the countryside and BluePrintLAB wants to help them by providing an online solution so that they do not need to visit an off-line store to purchase eyewear.

Attending Summits and Tech-Weeks

BluePrintLAB attended the ‘Guro Innovation Summit’ 2019 to pitch its product for exploring investment and funding opportunities. The Summit is to be organized by the Guro district office and Seoul Venture Incubator (SVI) in partnership with beSUCCESS on July 18th, 2019 at the G-Valley Convention.

Blue Print Lab’s team will be attending the GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK to be held from October 6 to 10 in Dubai, supported by the Korea Institute of Startups & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED). The GITEX is the biggest tech show in Middle East, North Africa and South Asia that attracts many prominent leaders from global companies, major media outlets, and influential investors.

GURO district office, SVI & beSUCCESS to host ‘GURO INNOVATION SUMMIT 2019’

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