Kmong: The Korean platform for freelancers to sell services and clients to find talent

Kmong has various categories for talents and hirers.

The increase in the number of professionals going the freelance way and the need of organisations for talent on project basis has helped startups like Kmong flourish. The Korean startup is an online talent market enabling individuals to sell and buy services in design, business, computing, music, and more.

An exchange market for talent

Kmong has various categories for talents and hirers that include design, marketing, document, business, computer, music and video, life services, and handmade goods. It has a very easy to utilise approach where the user can post their services, availability with a price quote as per their category and prospective buyers can select the talent that fits their needs. The platform which is also compatible with mobile has proved very useful for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Kmong was established in June 2012 by Park Hyeonghoin on a much smaller scale as a community of talent. The community grew to a professional platform attracting corporates and enterprises. Kmong has over 2.5 million freelancing talent and clients. The platform’s current core talent exchange happens in designing. The platform’s monthly transaction volume exceeds $2 million.

From a small community to larger vision

Kmong has been ranked as number 1 on a B2B (Business to Business) site and it has also expanded to the C2C (Customer to Customer) area with the mobile-friendly interface. The company has made some interesting collaborations like Taloa, a decentralized protocol and infrastructure arrangement for freelancing economy.

The startup raised $2.7 million worth of investment from Altos Ventures in 2017. The company that started from a simple idea of amateurs sharing their talents and skills has expanded its business model throughout the years and has become a space for all professionals and experts. The startup’s future vision includes more talent pools and plans to attract larger corporations for the hiring of the talent.

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February 14,2020

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