JUVIC: Injection Needles that won’t hurt

It is never easy to get an injection for the fear of a needle’s prick is always there in one’s mind, even when one becomes an adult. But what if there are needles that won’t hurt the skin? JUVIC, a Korean start-up, has invented just that – a needle, which is painless for the skin, called Microneedle.

The Major Work of the Micro Needle

Microneedles are basically microinjection needles which pierce the outermost layer of the skin or the stratum corneum and dispenses the medicine inside the epidermis without any pain and much less damage to the skin tissue. The company JUVIC has developed unique technology with over 10 years of research and development, to manufacture the micro needle product that delivers the drug easily without any discomfort to the skin.

Microneedles are basically a transdermal drug delivery technology using microstructures, which are safe and easy to use.

JUVIC produces the biodegradable microneedles using low temperature fabrication and pillar transfer methodology unlike the conventional process of micro-moulding and tensile, and thus minimising the degeneration of active substance due to heat application. Based on the target site, the microneedles are fabricated in solid, hollow or dissolving types. JUVIC has developed the bio-degradable micro-fabrication technology using Centrifugal Lithography and also developed an applicator technology that can deliver various drugs such as water-soluble/lipid free with high efficiency.

A Microneedle patch on a patient’s arm.

Currently the fabrication of the microneedles is much more popular in the cosmetic industry.  There has been introduction of cosmetic patches by using micro needles, which can dispense drugs much more efficiently than a general beauty pack. JUVIC intends to further the usage of microneedles in the field of medicine.

JUVIC was founded in 2015 by Hyungil Jung who was the professor of life science at Yonsei University for 13 years.

JUVIC is a compounded word combining juvenescence and victory and

the company’s motto is to strive for a healthy life and future.

JUVIC aims to develop products in fields of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, quasi-drugs and medical devices based on Microneedle drug delivery technology. The company constantly strives toward the development of innovative products through collaborations in research and development with various companies.

JUVIC has received various awards and recognition for its fabrication of the microneedles like from Yonsei University and from Ministry of the Future Creation Science Prize for Excellent Technology Commercialization. JUVIC had received $ 3 million from 3 VCs in the first round of financing in December 2017. The company will be seeking more funds for clinical trials in second half of 2019.

JUVIC’s primary business target is to develop and commercialise the dissolving microneedle beauty products and medical products in the long term. They want to penetrate the biopharmaceutical industry through their expert innovation and technological advancement.

JUVIK wants to stick to their motto says the founder Professor Hyungil Jung  “We will make people live a beautiful and healthy life through JUVIK” and we hope that it does make our injection experience less painful.

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February 14,2020

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