ITDA’s premium fitness training service WHOCARES makes it easy to remain fit     

WHOCARES connects fitness trainers and those looking for training.

Exercising is a very important aspect for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but few can follow a regime because of time, location, etc., restrictions.  One of the cash cow businesses of Korean company ITDA Inc.’s WHOCARES offers the first premium fitness program service in South Korea without restrictions to time, location, and the type of fitness service.

Service programmed to benefit both consumers and trainers

Established in 2014, WHOCARES provides effective step-by-step solutions to consumers, with restrictions visiting a fitness center like the elderly, kids, pregnant women, working moms, kids, working men/women, and celebrities who want to limit media exposure. WHOCARES benefits both consumers and trainers by providing a wide array of fitness courses that meet the needs of both consumers and trainers. Consumers can conveniently receive customized personal training sessions from professional trainers at their desired location and time without having to go through the trouble of visiting a gym or a fitness center. By connecting consumers with freelancing personal trainers without a specific schedule, personal trainers can work more efficiently and freely because they choose when, where, and how they work while eliminating the rental cost of fitness centers. This will break the prejudice that people can only exercise in well-equipped fitness centers, at a certain scheduled time, and regarding a specific subject.

Special programs designed for corporates

WHOCARES diversifies its market matrix by providing a variety of fitness programs at both a B2C level and a B2B level.
At a B2C level, WHOCARES provides its services to individuals with restrictions visiting a fitness center. At a B2B level, WHOCARES provides group-based personal training sessions to companies in an office environment. WHOCARES provides fitness services, such as group-based Pilates, chair yoga, office yoga, teamwork Pilates, invigoration stretching, Zumba dance, and preventive and safety exercise.

Professionally trained trainers, fitness products and more

WHOCARES employs over 100 trainers specializing in diverse fields of fitness such as rehabilitation, yoga and ballet for kids, yoga for seniors, and Pilates for pregnant women, etc. Since its establishment in May 2014, WHOCARES has done a total of 6,046 lessons, formed over 80 corporate partnerships with key Korean enterprises and constantly increased its market share by about 100% every year.

All WHOCARES trainers have at least 7 years of professional experience as a trainer and undergo a thorough interviewing process. Also, all WHOCARES trainers get systematically trained in their field of specialty monthly.
With comprehensive experience on fitness consulting, WHOCARES connects specific consumer needs with trainers with the required specialty. Upon, registering for WHOCARES, consumers are recommended and assigned a suitable trainer according to their specific needs after consulting a professional health mentor. Before courses, WHOCARES also sets fitness goals for consumers using bioelectrical impedance analysis, metabolism analysis, eating habit analysis, etc. In this way, the fitness company has maintained a high customer retention rate and ensured customer loyalty.

WHOCARES also provides and sells their patented yoga wear, and specialized, portable fitness equipment like yoga straps, yoga mats, yoga wheels, wave stretch rings, etc., capable of producing equivalent exercise effects, such as using large, heavy-duty equipment in fitness centers. WHOCARES also sells patented health products authorized by the Korean government.

WHOCARES’ mission is to expand the scope of its services so people with restrictions accessing fitness care can become exposed to fitness in their daily life. WHOCARES plans to open up and secure the niche market in the fitness industry and provide effective solutions so everybody can live a healthier life. 

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