IT Innovolution making insurance claims easier through unmanned kiosks at hospitals

Insurance claims after hospitalization or intensive treatments have always been a painful and burdensome procedure.  Korean FinTech startup IT Innovolution is resolving the difficulties faced while claiming insurance. The company has come up with an unmanned automated solution that provides convenience between hospitals and patients.

Patients can approach the insurer from the hospital itself

IT Innovolution, established in 2015, has developed and supplied the first hospital unmanned insurance claim kiosk in Korea. IT Innovolution’s major services include unmanned automated billing system, unattended fax system and unattended certificate issuance system, which can claim insurance claims directly from the hospital after the hospital treatment, mobile Integration compensation center applications, and FC-only reimbursement solutions that can easily be claimed by half a million insurance FCs, providing rewards solutions to patients and hospital.

The biggest advantage of the unmanned automation devices now installed at some hospitals in Korea is that the patient can send all treatment reports and claims directly to the insurer. The service has proven to be convenient to both patients and hospitals as it has minimized the administrative steps for hospital staff. “The system allows patients to directly claim through unmanned devices and to resolve disputes between hospitals, insurance companies, and financial authorities without violating the Medical Law (Article 21) and lawyer law. It is possible to minimize the damage caused by leakage of personal information,” IT Innovolution CEO Kim Tae-ho said in a media statement about the automated solution.

Working towards technological advancement

The company is now working to develop an integrated unmanned kiosk that provides one-stop services, such as receipt of certificates, insurance claims, etc. The startup is also developing a solution to provide all services simply by biometric authentication without complicated authentication procedure through a business alliance with a biometric authentication company in Korea. IT Innovolution is also introducing blockchain for preventing hacking of the system. The company has installed its machines at a few hospitals in South Korea and is looking to expand its services to other Asian countries. IT Innovolution will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia in October, 2019, as part of a Korean startup forum to present its service to potential partners and investors.

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