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I.M.Lab’s CPR training product provides a realistic training experience based on a range of similar situations of cardiac arrest.

It just takes four minutes of time in which a person can succumb to acute cardiac arrest. This quick killer takes the lives of more than three million people around the world each year. To prevent deaths from sudden cardiac arrest, proper knowledge of CPR – or Cardio-Pulmonary-Resuscitation is of utmost importance. CPR is the first thing if applied correctly that can save a life in a moment. Korean startup I.M. Lab (Interactive Media Lab) has introduced innovative products for CPR training purposes, which makes learning of the process easier and interesting.

Innovative CPR training products for better healthcare  

I.M.Lab’s premier product is HeartiSense Exciting, an augmented reality-based projection simulator. The product provides a realistic training experience based on a range of virtual training scenarios similar to actual situations of cardiac arrest.  The realistic training environment through HeartiSense Exciting enables first-aid activities suitable for specific situations and provides real-time feedback to improve the ability of the user to immediately react to the situation.  

The product has been designed and developed by alumni at the Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Ph.D. researchers. HeartiSense Exciting has an edge over the existing mannequin system as it provides accurate feedback to trainees and is less expensive since it’s attached to low-cost mannequins.

Affordable and superior CPR training product

The HeartSense kit, which is designed with various mannequins in mind, is installed without any foreign object under the skin of the mannequin to measure chest compression speed, position, depth, relaxation and artificial respiration.

The HeartiSense App. can be downloaded by trainees for individual repeat learning, scenario learning, and one-to-many education and evaluation according to the situation. The data measured through the HeartiSense app can be transferred to the HeartiSense Training Management Server (LMS), which allows for continuous management and a better CPR training environment.

“I definitely don’t want a dummy training my people CPR, so it sounds like you’ve got a new way of doing it.” – Former USA President Barack Obama for I.M.Labs’ training device

The startup had the privilege to present their HeartiSense product through a talk with the then President of the United States Barack Obama at the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), held by Google at Stanford University through Google’s remote video conferencing space, Google Portal.

I.M.Lab’s also has two other products – the cprCube and HeartiSense Immersion. cprCube is an interesting Entry-level training device that provides various feedbacks using sound, light, vibration, etc. It is a cube-shaped device connected with an app that gives effective and focussed feedback to trainees.  HeartiSense Immersion is an AV (Augmented Virtuality) based simulator where a trainee can have an immersive CPR training experience using Oculus or a VR headset instead of a tablet PC.

I.M.Lab was formed in 2013 by a strong team of researchers, with the expertise to develop innovative products in the medical education market. The company’s mission is to design products and services that can eventually save lives across the world through better education about diseases and treatments.

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February 14,2020

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