Health food startup JuicyBros Super Food Company enters the digital world with a new identity – Himnanda Corp. 

Korean startup JuicyBros Super Food Company, known for its healthy salads and detox juices store, is adding its business to the digital world with a new identity, Himnanda Corp. The business for health foods is increasing across the world, and in South Korea, with more people demanding detox and healthy food. JuicyBros’ wants to ensure that their popular products reach a wider audience through the digital avenue that requires less space and increases sales.

Serving detox juices, salads for the health conscious 

JuicyBros Super Food Company was started in 2014 with manufacturing detox juice, operating juice bars and salad stores. The company has been known for serving nutrition-rich salads, cleansing juices and healthy snacks that are easy-to-consume anywhere, anytime. The company opened its juice bars in 2016 and salad cafes in 2017. The startup has opened around 8 retail outlets in malls and office complexes in South Korea. The JuicyBros stores are quite popular and have been earning consistently good revenues since their launch. The company has been running the business through a franchise model.

Now with the launch of  Himnanda Corp., the startup has innovated the franchise system making it digital and more affordable for the franchise owners. 

Lesser space, more profits for a franchise

Himnanda Corp.’s franchise requires much lesser space than the retail outlets. It can be operated in a 10 to 15 pyeong (approx. 33 to 49 sq. m.) space. The store can be easily opened in an office building or residential complex, for its low need for space. The rent for the stores will also be lesser, that is, about 2.6 million won or about $ 2200, than the current commercial store, which is approx. 9 million won or about $7700. The need for the number of human resources also decreases in the digital-based store. Since the orders are based on digital platform demand, the company can analyze data and predict product demand. This can help the company and franchise to reduce inventory loss. Himnanda Corp. is cooperating with KAIST D-lab for analyzing data and using facial recognition for food recommendation service.

Himnanda Corp is aiming to open 40 stores by the end of 2020. The company has started 5 stores in the first half of 2019. The startup has planned shop fronts, kiosks, digital pickup zones and a smart order phone application for those looking to order healthy food through Himnanda Corp.’s franchises. The average sale of the company’s regular salad cafe is 20 million won, but the estimated sales for Himnanda Corp. stores is  3 times higher than that. Himnanda Corp. is headquartered in Seoul and its research and development center is in Basel, Switzerland. The startup is now looking for investments from Venture Capitalists and investors for forwarding its progress in the digital world. 

Himnanda Corp.’s team is attending the ‘Guro Innovation Summit’ 2019 to pitch its digital service for exploring investment and funding opportunities. The Summit is to be organized by the Guro district office and Seoul Venture Incubator (SVI) in partnership with beSUCCESS on July 18th, 2019 at the G-Valley Convention.

GURO district office, SVI & beSUCCESS to host ‘GURO INNOVATION SUMMIT 2019’

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