Healing Sound making dental clinic visit pleasant with the noise-reducing device

Healing Sound devices helps reduce dental clinic machine noise.

Most people have a fear of visiting a dental clinic. Korean startup Healing Sound believes the noise of the dental devices creates fear in the mind. Healing Sound has developed a protection device to reduce the dental noise so it helps the patients relax and also relieves the dental staff’s hearing exposed to the machine noises.

Device to help patients and clinic staff

The patients at the dental clinic often do not hear well whenever the doctor talks, so they must peel off the product to communicate.  For dental clinic staff, they are exposed to the sound of more than 80db for 8 to 10 hours daily, which can cause hearing loss. Healing Sound has tried to resolve the issues for both the medical staff and the patient with their device. The noise-reducing device is in the form of earphones so patients and medical professionals can plug it in their ears to block out background noise. In addition, the deep learning algorithms linked with smart phone applications allow users to recommend comfortable music that can relieve the anxiety and fear of patients or select music of their choice. Healing Sound is also contemplating how to connect the devices of the patient and the medical person through Bluetooth to facilitate communication. The prototype is in production and will be available next year.

The dentist brain behind the device development

The startup Healing Sound by CEO Jungu Kang, who is a dentist himself.  Kang started the medical business startup club ‘MEDILUX’, where he developed award-winning ideas by participating in contests with other team members and then started the business.  In 2017, the device was selected as the Yonsei University ICONS Future Convergence Researcher Project, the Small and Medium Business Administration’s Entrepreneurship Leading Project.  

The company was established in October 2017, focusing on developing healthcare devices and software, and is working to divide noise parts, button parts and application parts. It also signed an MOU with KAS (Blockchain System). The startup is expecting to increase its product sales in the domestic market in 2020 and then aim for European and American shores. 

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