GreenS Systems: The Korean startup that provides smart safety solutions for food, disaster and air-quality management

Korean startup GreenS Systems is striving to provide smart management systems for food safety, disaster management and air quality management. The startup’s developed various smart products that are easy to use and provides users real-time data. The startup applies its colorimetric sensor system to provide safety management services.

Smart devices to detect problems

Established in 2015, GreenS provides the latest technology and innovative products related to disaster safety management, atmospheric environment management, food safety and storage management. GreenS’ smart packaging system for food-related products real-time freshness and product distribution history. The Next-Gen packaging system of GreenS Systems is based on sensors for temperature, gas and IoT technology. The smart packaging system has a sensor designed to be applied as a sticker type. The digitized data about the freshness of the food and its distribution details can be obtained using a smart app on the phone. The system reduces food waste due to its sell-by-date system and provides real-time freshness and product management details.

Air-Quality Management Smart Card

GreenS has developed an indoor air quality control system that uses just a smart card. The smart card measures CO2, CO-type colourless, odourless gases. The portable system’s measurement data of gas concentration can be obtained using an app. The startup also has a gas safety management system that helps in gas leak detection and fire extinguishing management by providing real-time monitoring and alerts.

The Gas Safety Management Equipment.

The startup has developed the original technologies for safety management and has secured IP rights for it. The company works to customize the products as per consumer demand. GreenS is already making its presence felt in the domestic market and internationally with offices in Seoul and Europe. It is also working towards developing more safety management related products and systems.  GreenS Systems will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia in October, 2019, as part of a Korean startup forum to present its service to potential partners and investors.

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