Gomi.Ball: A Smart Toy for A Smart Pet

An unique interactive fun toy for your dog, which keeps them physically and mentally healthy.

If you have a pet dog at home, then you do understand the woes of leaving your pet alone at home, when you go out for work or other activities. Companion dogs are quite sensitive beings, who can suffer major separation anxiety, when left alone in the house even if it is for few hours. According to a report, about 33% of pet dogs in the USA suffer anxiety issues during their lifetime. This also leads to obesity and other health problems. Most important as a pet parent, you too lose a lot of mental peace because of your pet’s anxieties and feel guilty about leaving them alone in the house. Considering all these, a start-up from Seoul has come up with this unique pet device called Gomi.Ball.

Gomi.Ball – Ease your pet’s separation anxiety

and release your guilt.

What is Gomi Ball?

Gomi.Ball is the first product of this tech company named GomiLabs. The robotic ball has been developed by a team of engineers with PhD’s in robotics. Equipped with sensors and algorithms, Gomi.Ball analyses your pet dog’s play patterns and adapts to its play style by adjusting its movements. It has a unique multicolour light system to keep your dog happy and engaged. Through its autonomous driving and interactions, the ball keeps your pets engaged in playful activities, even when you are away. The owner can access the pet’s behavioural patterns through its smartphone app, which records data of your pets 24 hours of the day. With understanding of pet’s behaviour patterns, you can manually control Gomi and utilise pre-set movements like jumping and spinning.  You can upload your pet’s profile on the App and stay connected with your pet from anywhere and anytime of the day.

Each Gomi.Ball packet comes with a ball, a wireless charger and a USB cable.

Gomi. Ball is safe to use for pets

The robotic ball is quite safe and durable, made from shatterproof polycarbonate materials, which has been approved by the FDA. Gomi can withstand 130 kgs/286lbs of pressure, is fully waterproof and has wireless charging system. The in-built activity-monitor and highly sophisticated Al algorithm not only allows you access to your pet’s behaviours but also gives recommendations and tips to keep your dog healthy. Gomi.Ball has been priced at $169 per unit, which includes the ball, its wireless charger and a USB cable.

There are some alternate products and services existing in the market to reduce anxiety for home-alone pets like hiring pet walkers, giving anti-anxiety medication, or using products like Pebby, Playmate, etc. But the unique aspect of Gomi.Ball is that it doesn’t just provide play options, it also checks exercise patterns and momentum data, which can help in managing health of the companion animal.

Pet Smart Device Market projected to be

$2.5 billion market by 2024.

GomiLabs foray into the pet device market segment

Pet tech-device market has been expanding day by day and is set to grow multiple fold. According to an estimate it will be over $2.5 billion market by 2024. GomiLabs is developing products and services like Gomi.Ball for this growing segment in pet products market. The company, which has been started by three pet loving engineers and a marketer, has plans to introduce many tech-smart devices for companion animals.

While Gomi.Ball is the first product they are rolling out in the market, there are plans to have Gomi.Feeder, Gomi.Collar, Gomi.Api to create a smart pet home. The company also visualizes to start a pet membership to provide services like pet insurance, pet sitter/walker, vet services and entertainment for pets.

GomiLabs’ vision is to create a Smart Home for Your Pet

GomiLabs is targeting its pet products for countries with maximum numbers of companion animals. The target for the first year is to market the products in the USA, which has large number of households with pets. The company wants to expand then in subsequent years to Europe, Japan, China, Vietnam, Brazil, Thailand and Indonesia as well.

Gomi.labs is a promising start-up, which has been through incubation process of the Dream Venture Star Run 2 run by Daejon Creative Innovation Centre. The company has got support through Lotte Accelerator, Sparks Lab, Hana Financial Group, KITE and SK Telecom. It has completed funding of more than $ 150 million with Wadiz Reward Funding and have 1600 supporters. GomiLabs with its sustainable revenue model based on the ever growing market of pet products is already attracting global collaborations like with Japan’s number one pet insurance company.

Best for Pet’s Health

The company’s vision is to create a healthy environment for your pet to live on its own, when you step outside. This way you can work or enjoy outdoors without feeling guilty of leaving your companion pet at home. With Gomi.ball you can interact and monitor your valuable companion animal. Gomi.Ball, the company’s first product is ready for pre-orders and it will sure be a worthy investment for your furry best friend’s well-being.

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February 14,2020

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