Get rid of your English writing woes with Korean platform Ediket

Ediket matches its users with writers/editors, who can help them correct English and proofread material.

When it is about important documents, most people struggle with writing correctly and in a foolproof manner. It always helps to have the written work copy edited by someone who is better with it, but it is understood that it’s an expensive task and affordable by businesses. Korean startup Ediket has worked out a most democratic platform which offers everyone help with their written documents.

Easy, affordable way to correct your English writing

Ediket is essentially a freelance marketplace for English proofreading and writing consulting services. The platform matches those who need help with writing with the writers and copy editors who can improvise the user’s content. The user can get a range of writing and copy-editing services from Ediket platform like academic writings, thesis writing, resume writing, social media advertisement writings, etc. The platform gives a great exposure for writers and editors who would want to use their writing skills and earn from it.

The Ediket interface is quite user-friendly and it is simple to register as a user on the platform. Once registered, you can search for the editors and writers whose profiles are up for display on the site. The user can select the writer they want as per their need that is academic writing, business documents, college assignments, job applications, and admissions. The user can check the writer’s profile and their rates and decide accordingly. The minimum credit Ediket wants the user to have is $19, but on certain verifications on signup, the platform offers $5 credit for free.

User-friendly and earning for writers

The writers and proofreaders can put up their rates per word and get paid as they go. The service works like any other rating-based business, where the user may rate the writer as per their experience out of 5. The biggest advantage a user gets is the range of native English-speaking editors, who are available 24/7. There is no word limit but the user must specify the content quantity to the editor. Real-time chatting with editors is also available for better understanding of the person and work the user wants. There is a 3-day refund policy on Ediket if the user is not satisfied with the work.

Ediket was founded in 2014 by a young entrepreneur, Min Kim, when he struggled with writing assignments while studying in the USA. Ediket has many users from some prestigious US universities as their clients. According to their website, they have recorded 95% customer satisfaction with over 33,000 users served till date. The company is quite popular among students and office workers, for whom writing can become a stressful job. With a quick turnaround time and range of editors, Ediket is sure a useful tool for resolving writing woes.

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