GameXCoin releases App & Blockchain MMORPG Game “Flyff for GameXCoin”

GameXCoin is the first EOS-based game encryption from South Korea.

GameXCoin, the blockchain gaming company, affiliated to Blockchain Ventures, announced the release of its Blockchain game “Flyff for GameXCoin” & gaming platform app “GameXCoin”. The CEO of the startup Kai Kim announced that the launch of the world’s first blockchain PC MMORPG “Flyff for GameXCoin” on 25th of July.

“Flyff,” developed by “Gala Lab,” is a PC MMORPG game, which has a cumulative total of 50 million players around the globe. Players can obtain and use cryptocurrency ‘FLY’ within “Flyff for GameXCoin” and easily utilize blockchain functions on the “GameXCoin” app.  Various events as such are now held with the official release of “Flyff for GameXCoin.” For instance, players can obtain 7,777 FLY by hunting monsters, and gain up to 33,000 FLY as login reward. Further details regarding events held on “Flyff for GameXCoin” are available on the GameXCoin’s official website.

In regards to the official release of this blockchain game, the CEO of GameXCoin said, “Our team designed the infrastructure of our product so that the public can easily utilize it even without blockchain-related knowledge. We will be working hard to introduce various contents, ultimately contributing to the popularization of blockchain games.”

GameXCoin, established on December 2017, has its own blockchain platform released in 2018. The startup is developing game SDKs that allows games to be integrated into that platform. It is expected that GameXCoin will be releasing blockchain-integrated HTML5 games and a mobile game in the near future.

Korean startup GameXCoin setting a new paradigm for cryptocurrency in the gaming world

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