Five co-working places in Seoul to explore in 2020 

Seoul is the hub for budding entrepreneurs and startups in Korea. The capital of South Korea is also the business capital of the country, and many large and small global companies want to open their offices in Seoul.

Co-working spaces can be an ideal place to start a business or open a low-cost office in Seoul. has listed top 5 friendly co-working spaces in Seoul, Korea that can help businesses to set their foot in the country with ease in 2020:

1. HiveArena

One of the most relaxed co-working spaces in Seoul, HiveArena, calls itself a second home to digital nomads. Started in 2014, it offers an interesting experience for creative individuals, remote workers, digital nomads. It is building a curated community with like-minded people around the world. With the charm of both the old and new world, HiveArena offers all the comforts such as Hi-speed wi-fi, coffee, tasteful furniture that promise to increase productivity. With the location near several parks and the Han River, one can enjoy the urban life as well as a close-to-nature feel. The garden, terrace, and rooftop ensure ample sunshine access! 10 Magazine recommended HiveArena as the top 10 co-working spaces in Seoul.

2. FabLab

Fablab goes beyond your standard co-working space. A digital fabrication laboratory gives access to equipment like the 3D printers and laser cutters at extremely low prices. The usual crowd is a mix of innovative, creative, ambitious entrepreneurs and artists, making the work experience an inspiring one. Established with the support of NGO TIDE University, it is part of a global initiative to create an easily accessible space with design equipment. The idea, conceived by renowned inventor and scientist Professor Neil Gershenfeld of theMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), supports the idea that everyone has a right to learn and create, and are therefore open to the public. For safety reasons alone, one is required to attend a 3-hour workshop before renting the equipment. One can also purchase a membership to have a reserved space in the facilities.

3. Wework

This global-chain of co-working space provider is most popular in Seoul. Wework has its co-working spaces at various locations like Gangnam, Yeoksam, Samseong, Euljiro, Seolleung, Seoul Station, Yeouido, Jongno, and Gwanghwamun. Wework is a great place to be part of the growing community of new entrepreneurs. The organization’s main mission is to encourage businesses and innovation by providing them affordable and state-of-the-art workspace. Wework not only offers amenities like high-speed internet, desk services, lounges, printing, soundproof booths conference rooms, but it also organizes workshops and panel discussions from prominent people in Korea.   

4. Fastfive

This co-working space is located in six locations around Seoul. Fastfive caters to small businesses as well as startups. The organization holds many networking seminars and informal meet-ups. Fastfive offers open desks, small spaces to private office areas. The space provides all basic amenities needed to run a successful office, and hence this co-working space has seen only a 1% rate of an empty office in the last two years! 

5. Cow&Dog

This place with a unique name – which refers to ‘Co-work’ and ‘Do Good’ is located in Seongu Station. The company owns the entire building and has space to occupy up to 90 small businesses and entrepreneurs. The co-working space especially supports startups and social innovators. They have a café for networking, meeting spaces for workshops and events. The co-working space has its ‘Cow&Dog’ mobile app, which is useful for members to book spaces in advance. 

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February 14,2020

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