ExoAtlet Asia: Giving Wings to those who can’t walk

ExoAtlet pilot Denis walks with the aid of an exoskeleton at Skolkovo earlier this year. Photo: Sk.ru.

Robotic technology has brought in abundance of innovations and inventions, which has added lot of value to human existence. Korean company ExoAtlet Asia has introduced a unique rehabilitative exoskeleton robot that makes those people walk, who have lost hopes of ever walking on their own feet.

ExoAtlet I : The Warm Technology for Human Beings

A start-up company ExoAtlet Asia was launched in October 2016 specialising in rehabilitative robots. The company develops, manufactures and sells rehabilitation exoskeleton for the handicapped with spinal cord injury using innovative wearable robot technology. People, who have lost ability to have functional lower limbs, because of unfortunate accidents can suffer a lot and have major depression.

ExoAtlet I, the wearable robot, can prove to be  of  great help in rehabilitation of  patients who have lost their walking ability.

The patients can wear the gadget designed to adjust to their pelvic width and depth, the thigh length, calf length, foot size, etc during the rehabilitation portion of their treatment. The device weighs 23 kgs, but a design to balance the load   makes the patient feel the weight of only two kgs. The exoskeleton can be used by patients weighing up to 100 kgs. The innovative technology offers 8 different walking modes and 3 walking speeds, that can be customised according to the patient’s body size. The exoskeleton can be used for eight hours continuously when battery is fully charged. The patient who has lost full or partial function of their lower limbs can use the robot easily if they have sufficient arm strength to support themselves on the crutches. The crutches help them to move the legs and controls balance. The control buttons, designed for easy access, are on the handles of the crutches. The patient can obtain the ability to stand up, sit down, walk and go up and down stairs without assistance. The exoskeleton can be worn by the patient on the third or fifth day of their rehabilitation program. This also simplifies the job of the physiotherapist. The ExoAtlet I will help speed up the recovery of the handicapped patient and also make the job of the medical staff simpler.

ExoAtlet Asia: Raising the quality of life of the handicapped

The exoskeleton has been originally designed at Lomonosov Moscow State University’s Research Institute of Mechanics. ExoAtlet Asia has obtained the original technology and applied Korean commercialisation technology toward the development and production of the robot.

The company’s motto is to raise quality of life of the handicapped.

“We, ExoAtlet Asia Co., Ltd., produce rehabilitation and walking robots for the handicapped. I want to deliver a hopeful message of the robot that will facilitate in returning to daily life. We are doing our best to work towards customer satisfaction and hopes using advanced technology and solutions. With our ‘warm technology’ I promise to you in making your dream a reality!” is what is message of the company’s CEO Oh Joo-Young.

The company supplies its products to various hospitals and rehabilitation centres in South h Korea like the National Traffic Accident Rehabilitation Hospital,  Korea University Medical Center, Ajou University Hospital,  Wonkwang University Hospital, Chosun University Hospital, and Pusan National University Hospital etc. The company has also partnered with various organisations to train rehabilitation experts. Currently the company is associated with the Korea Association of Robot Industry, Korea Venture Business Association, Ajou University Hospital  and  Gyeonggi Venture Business Association for the purpose.

In addition, the company is actively pushing for globalization of its products. The company is selling the exoskeletons in  Japan, China, the US, Southeast Asia, and Europe. The company had received initially $ 0.8 million from South Korea government and its revenue for the year 2017 has been $252,000. The company has got investment from the Cosmo Group with 25% stake.

The exoskeleton is a fantastic product for it represents the utility of technological advancement to uplift human lives. With a great product and active boosting for global representation, ExoAtlet Asia is sure to become a global heavyweight in the rehabilitation robotic space.

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