Enerwin: Providing Clean Energy with Innovative Wind Technology

Enerwin develops small and medium scale S-SAWT(Smart Symmetrical Airfoil Blade Wind Turbine) wind turbines.

Renewable energy resources are important in today’s world considering the environmental mayhem occurring. Korean company Enerwin is a specialist in developing innovative patented wind technology, that can contribute positively to climate change issues. Enerwin develops small and medium scale S-SAWT (Smart-Symmetrical Airfoil Blade Wind Turbine) wind turbines.

Efficient Technology, Lower Cost

Enerwin’s S-SAWT was developed by overcoming the standard wind turbines’ limitations. The innovative technology has the capacity to produce electricity at low wind velocities.

The key features of S-SAWT(Smart Symmetrical Airfoil Blade Wind Turbine) are its symmetrical blade and the pitch control system. Uniquely, the pitch controller was applied to the small wind turbine, which can safely protect the turbine in extreme wind speed and improve efficiency by automatically controlling the pitch angle depending on wind speeds. Hence, it enables power generation at low wind speeds (starting from 1 m/s) and its AEP(Annual Energy Production) is more than 1.5 times higher than conventional ones.

Furthermore, the automated pultrusion process of the symmetrical blade with the single profile enables remarkable time & cost reductions. Enerwin Korea’s S-SAWT is the most competitive, cost-effective and easily scaled solutions for grid-connected and off-grid applications worldwide.

“Enerwin aims to become a global leader in the renewable energy industry.”

Mission to contribute for a better environment

Enerwin has acquired original patents in Korea, Japan, China and the USA for their innovation. The company plans to offer hybrid power solutions and small and medium-sized wind turbines worldwide to implement Energy independence. “Our innovative wind technology will lead to a change in the marketplace as the energy industry and help people gain access to energy and contribute to climate change issues,” as said by CEO of Enerwin, Younglok Oh.

Enerwin is planning to provide clean energy to remote islands and areas without electrical grids by distributing S-SAWT wind turbines to increase energy access around the globe. The company’s unique product can contribute to creating renewable energy much needed and valuable resource in today’s world.

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