EduCast: Learn anything, Teach Everything with this Korean startup

EduCast is an online learning and teaching platform.

Online learning has become the norm these days. Multiple platforms offer multiple courses for those who want to learn various skills. Korean startup EduCast brings together those who want to learn and those who can teach on one platform. Launched in 2012 by an enterprising bunch of students of Seoul National University, EduCast is an online lecture open market where anyone can be a teacher and anyone can be a student.

Diverse courses, easy accessibility

Demand for online education has been constantly growing, but the supply of content is not as diverse. The content pouring out is focused on subjects in specific fields. In addition, due to the nature of the online lecture market, the early entry instructors face many barriers. To solve these problems, the TNT Crowd created EduCast.

Courses on EduCast are on diverse subjects ranging from maths, languages, designs, programming, etc. Anyone who is an expert or has a speciality in a subject can become a lecturer. The lecturers get immense support from the EduCast team from providing room for lecture recording to the filming of the lecture to promoting it on the platform.

EduCast is easily accessible from any device – mobile, PC, tablets, etc.  

EduCast also has the advantage of responding quickly to changes in market demand as it is freely open and able to accommodate various contents. While there are several similar online learning sites, what makes EduCast different is the diversity of subjects and also the wide range of both learners and teachers – university students, business persons, language experts, hobbyists, etc.

Mission to be the biggest school

EduCast’s business model is commission based, where the startup platform receives 30% of the tuition fees charged by the lecturer. The startup had received 20 million won or US $17,801 worth of seed investment from Solborn Investments and had ranked 4th in the SME Management Entrepreneur League.

The startup’s mission is to become the biggest online school on the planet. Though there is a long road ahead for the company to achieve global fame, it sure has created a space in the Edu-Tech market in Korea.

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February 14,2020

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