E-Sports company STILL8 receives $4.4 million funds from Neptune Corp.

STILL8 recently acquired Team Griffin for League of Legends.

The enterprising global E-sports agency – STILL8 recently received an additional investment of around 5 billion South Korean won or about $4.4 million dollars from the mobile game development company Neptune Corp. In May 2018, STILL8 raised its first Neptune investment of 9.5 billion won or about $8.4 million dollars. The leading Korean startup offers a new model for all gamers in the world of E-sports with their variety of businesses.

Managing & Entertaining with E-Sports

STILL8 offers E-Sports content management, runs leagues, and has an ‘E-Sportainment’ management platform. The young E-sports agency with their mix of entertainment elements and the E-sports platform helps pro-gamers boost their talent and retired pro-gamers sustain their career.

The platform is popular among fans of E-sports. STILL8 runs Korea’s largest professional E-Sports team, “Team KONGDOO” across the five most popular games including League of Legends, Overwatch, Battleground, and Fortnite. The company recently changed its name from Kongdoo to STILL8. The teams under it will also undergo a name change subsequently.  “We are aiming for a more objective and professional global image and so I decided to change the name to build it.” Seo Kyungjong, the founder and CEO of STILL8 told media.

The company produces and provides pro-gamers with live streaming broadcasts on global platforms. STILL8 has content management agreements with 7 LCK teams including SKT, KT, and Griffin. STILL8 has recently acquired Team Griffin for League of Legends.

We aim to grow further to build a track record of achievements

“of the Gamer, by the Gamer, for the Gamer”. – STILL8

Vision to become a global leader in E-sports market

With the latest investment from Neptune Corp., the startup has proved to be a recognised global e-sports company that can grow and expand. “We will build our global business infrastructure and focus our efforts on finding and fostering players in order to become a leading global e-sports leader,” Seo Kyungjong said.

STILL8 has a vision of becoming the ‘Young company leading the global E-sports market’ by 2020. The startup wants to take a leap in the global E-sports market and wants to expand their network. Considering the increasing popularity of E-sports and the wide variety of businesses offered by STILL8, the firm’s vision for 2020 may become a reality.

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February 14,2020

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