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Drones or what popularly are known as an unmanned aerial system are no more just a military tool or a hobbyist’s gizmo, but are used for multiple commercial applications and surveillance purposes. The demand of drones has increased considerably in the commercial market and there is a need for suitable commercial drone manufacturer and service provider, with up-to-date technology and trained human resources.

DRONEiT, the South Korean company is a one-stop drone service platform offering manufacturing, software development, operational training and operating services for the commercial drone market.

DRONEiT’s Products

Droneit’s has specialised brand product, which can take VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) called MILVUS. It has a maximum speed of 80 km/h and maximum operating distance of 60 km. You can shoot up to 600 square meters for 40 minutes on a single flight. The fixed wing drones have a lot of manoeuvring throws at high altitude, but with VTOL, it is less hassle to secure space for take-off and landing. When the drone takes off the propeller generates vertical lift and when it reaches a certain altitude, it tilts the motor mount and changes to fixed wing mode. MILVUS has two versions – MILVUS-M and MILVUS-R, where R covers maximum operating distance of 20 km.

Droneit’s RUEPEL is a engine type helicopter designed mainly for military surveillance including counter terrorism, street fights. Ruepel is able to fly, operate and return flight plans with just few clicks via Dronnet (ground control system). It can perform reconnaissance and surveillance in areas where the wind speed is strong and environment is poor such as sea and mountains.

DRONEiT’s product PANDION is a customised UAV to accurately carry out simple and diverse tasks such as transport management, firefighting, disaster monitoring, lifesaving, agricultural control by using all weather censor and pesticide sprayer.

DRONEiT also has EDURONE, which is an educational multi-copter, a drone which beginners can use to learn. It is used for training purposes in schools, academies and learning centre. Individuals can assemble the drone, see what is inside it and how it operates and learn to fly it.

Leading Drone Manufacturing, training and operating company in Korea

Drone Market is a highly competitive market and DRONEit has successfully made a niche in the market for itself. The total sales of the company in the first half of 2018 of $800k has been 16 times more compared to total sales of p2017 that is $50k. Major Investment for the start-up has come from its Mother company EXPERNET, which has invested original capital of $ 440, 000.

DRONEit has some high profile customers like LG U+, Tais Engineering, ChunJi UAV Educational Center and Mexico Police Department (Chihuahua state).

DRONEiT has proven to be an all rounder company with its business model of providing drone services, manufacturing, operation training and software development. It’s reliable UAV solves problems for various industries such as construction, civil engineering, marine and energy through safe and accurate data collection.

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February 14,2020

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