DoubleMe makes Volumetric Video production and holoportation easier  

In the ever-growing and exciting phenomenon of virtual reality and 3D video technology, startup DoubleMe provides a novel holograming experience through its 3D capture system – the HoloPortal. The technology converts 2D videos into dynamic 3D models in real-time for various 3D related content markets. DoubleMe is all set to showcase its latest volumetric video capture and holoportation in 2019.

 Converting 2D to 3D Holograms in real-time

DoubleMe’s software suite extracts fully animated 3D models directly from regular 2D videos of people in real-time with no post-production. This eliminates laborious 3D animation processes including the needs of expensive motion capture. The 3D models created contain volumetric 3D mesh, movement, and real textures (skin, facial expressions, clothing), putting the DoubleMe user into virtual, augmented & mixed reality experiences.

 Volumetric Video production can be complex and expensive. But with DoubleMe’s Holographic Mixed Reality Platform, it is an easier process with only one camera and one PC. The cloud-based holoportation helps users to transfer holograms from PC to mobile devices. The technology is already receiving rave reviews and has catered to over 300 clients from various industries like Game, 3D Animation, VR/AR/MR, 3D Printing, etc.

The startup also offers “LoopSpace,” a social holographic reality where users live-mirror the world and themselves to build the holographic world for unprecedented social experiences. It’s a new digital realm beyond VR, AR, and MR where virtual imageries and avatars are typical and limited to computer screens.  The constant live video streams of the world and people are converted into holographic copies, or dynamic 4D model automatically in real-time.  

Looking forward to 5G-enabled holoportation system

In June 2018, the startup had been awarded $3 million research and development (R&D) grant by Institute for Information & Communications technology Promotion (IITA), an R&D strategy and planning agency under the Ministry of Science, ICT, and Future Planning in South Korea. The grant allows DoubleMe to develop and deploy a personal “5G-enabled Real-time Multi-user Holoportation System” by the end of 2019. The startup estimates that the market size for volumetric video will reach $2.8 billion by 2023 and it will help in its growth for the easy utilisation advantage over other complex volumetric video solutions available.

DoubleMe has a dynamic international team with offices in South Korea, UK and the USA. The founder and CEO Albert Kim has a background in computer engineering and software design and has been working for over 25 years at the cutting edge of the virtual reality industry. DoubleMe’s first HoloPortal & The Mixed Reality Experience Lab is based in London. The Studio captures the magic and motion of real people or pets in real-time, from multiple camera angles. The startup aims to expand to other countries as well.  

The DoubleMe team is attending the RISE conference in Hong Kong to showcase their latest technology. RISE is to be held from July 8 to 11 and is supported by the Korea Institute of Startups & Entrepreneurship Development (KISED). The RISE Tech Conference attracts many prominent leaders from global companies, major media outlets and influential investors to Hong Kong.

DoubleMe: Portal to dynamic 3D models in real-time


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