Pinafore’s DIY Baking Kits for love of delicious desserts

Pinafore offers perfect DIY Baking Kits to make delicious desserts. Pinafore offers perfect DIY Baking Kits to make delicious desserts.

A Korean food-tech start-up, Pinafore, is a becoming quite popular among those who love to bake and serve some cake to loved ones. This e-commerce baking site, is offering baking kits to its patrons, so that they do not have to worry about measurements and recipes.

Baking a Cake is not an easy task

If you love baking and treating your friends and family with delicious desserts, then you know the difficulties that come along when making a simple recipe. For baking a yummy cake, you need many tools like a mixer, a bakeware, measurement tools and exact measure of ingredients. It is not easy to get everything in place, specially the ingredients. They might not come in the exact measurement as required for the recipe and a lot may go waste. Plus, when you enjoy baking, you would want to try on new recipes every time and so you will scout the internet or recipe books for it.

Most of the time, the recipes online are made by professionals, which may contain professional phrases such a make a meringue or whip until hard peak etc  that are tough to understand for an amateur baker. It can become quite frustrating to follow your passion to bake, with so much information and methods everywhere.

Baking Kits  to make life easier for bakers

Pinafore is the solution to all the problems faced by amateur bakers or people who simply have a passion for baking.  The company provides “Bake Your Own Dessert Kit” based on delicious dessert recipes. With Pinafore baking kit, essential tools for baking and pre-measured ingredients are included with step by step recipe cards and video guides. The Baking Kits are prepared by professional chefs, which means they have the exact measured ingredients and proper tools, which eases the home-baker’s work significantly.

Pinafore wants to helps all level bakers to experience

easy, healthy, delicious and fun way to bake dessert.

Pinafore has launched over 70 recipes as baking DIY kit and has developed more than 6,000 dessert recipes. The Baking Kits are sold as monthly subscription or as sole products online.

Pinafore was launched in 2016 and since then the sales of baking kits has increased on an average by 23% every month. The company estimates sales revenue to be $1 million by the end of year 2018. The primary market for Pinafore are women in the age group of 20-30, but there is also a small number of men as customers. There is a significant growth in the teenage female customers for Pinafore.

Pinafore is aiming for bigger target in the market of food-tech business and wants to scale up business through collaborations with various online influencers, selling products offline with collaboration kits and easy-bake products and offering “pre-baked”, “ready-made” desserts that are tasty and made with a simple process. Pinafore wants to fulfil all baking dessert needs by combining Commerce, Contents and Community channels to have better, easy, and delicious experience in enjoying desserts.

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February 14,2020

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