DeepSearch: A search engine to help make insightful investment decisions

DeepSearch's search engine helps investors make informed decision.

In this age of multiple opportunities of investments for growth of businesses and profit making, means that the investor needs to be well informed and aware about the potential risks. A Korean FinTech startup, DeepSearch, has developed a financial Artificial Intelligence platform, exclusively for B2B usage, that helps make reasonable and fair investment decisions.

DeepSearch’s financial information platform provides insightful information about businesses, industries, financial news, etc, gathered through various big data analysis techniques and machine learning. The service can provide more than 3 million corporate information, including listed and unlisted companies.

The startup, also formerly named Uberple, was launched in 2013. The firm expects to become the Korean equivalent to the USA software company – Kensho.

Cost-effective Financial data search

It is always difficult and expensive for investors and companies to acquire corporate data, analyse it and measure investment risks. With service by DeepSearch, the investors can make customised searches of financial data and get to do informed investments in a cost effective way.

The service, which is subscription based, offers clients plethora of information by simple input of keywords. The user can input their desired information such as subject, market information, financial information, employee, establishment time, document base, etc.

The search engine analyses data in

Korean language as well as in English.

DeepSearch then confirms information about the companies that meet the required criteria that has been fed based on news gathered or reports about company securities.

DeepSearch’s CEO and co-founder Jay Kim has served as a venture capital judge for many years. During his tenure he realised the inconvenience in terms of gathering and analysing financial data. This is when the idea to form DeepSearch happened.

“DeepSearch is a search engine to find financial data,

much like Naver or Google.”

Jay Kim , CEO, DeepSearch

DeepSearch can help Portfolio Managers, Credit Analysts, Supply Chain Directors, Risk Managers by providing early warning signs of a company’s financial collapse.  The financial platform can also answer variety of questions form individual investors, analysts, who can use their mobile phones for the same.

DeepSearch also has other AI-based investment information platform ‘SNEK’, which is a B2C platform.

Vision to help investors worldwide

DeepSearch has partnered with overseas Thomson Reuters and domestic Nice Evaluation Information, KSFT and listed companies’ council. This makes it advantageous for the financial platform to receive information directly in cooperation with the affiliates. DeepSearch has future plans to expand in China, Singapore and Japan. The startup has also made deals with hedge fund counterparts in HongKong.

In October 2018, DeepSearch signed an alliance with the Samsung Asset Management for its product development and customer wealth proliferation by using atypical big data analysis and machine learning technology such as domestic and foreign news, various company disclosure, securities report, IR report.

In 2019, DeepSearch is set to launch the Bixby App with Samsung collaboration. It will be a mobile friendly information platform that can answer many questions related to any particular company or industry.

The FinTech company’s vision is to help the investor make reasonable and fair investment decisions. DeepSearch wants to provide relevant information accrued through reliable sources, so that the process of investment is simplified and is seamless.

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