World’s First Artificial Intelligence Orthodontic Technology

In the last decade, the world has seen enormous advancement in technology and it has impacted every aspect of human life. Dental Health Care has not remained aloof from technological advancement. Smart toothbrush, Virtual Reality, laser technology, 3D printing has totally changed the landscape of Dental Health Care Industry. The next big thing in the Dental Health Care is going to be the use of Artificial Intelligence in diagnostics and treatment. In fact, the bright future with Artificial Intelligence has already arrived with company like Digital Dental Hub, based out of South Korea, bringing in revolutionary solutions using AI.

Artificial Intelligence is the future of Dentistry.

DDH – A global pioneer in digital dentistry innovation through AI automation

DDH Co. Ltd, which was founded in 2017, is an AI-based digital dental solution company. It has advanced technological tools such as dental panorama disease automatic reading SW, fully automatic calibration diagnosis SW, calibration CAD SW, etc. With its motto to make digital dentistry faster and much more accurate, the company has implemented world’s first AI diagnosis technology in the orthodontic area. The licenced AI software is an innovative product that can turn a typical medical device hardware detector into an efficient artificial intelligence detector. This AI-based digital dental solution is expected to expand the scope of AI medical technology to those areas of dentistry, which earlier were just limited to diagnosis.

How AI in Dental Health Care will change things?

The use of AI in dental healthcare field has potential to bring in solutions faster with personalised diagnosis. It will streamline the communication between doctors, doctor-patients and provide accurate analysis of patients’ tests. The AI platform can come out with much more suitable alternatives for diagnosis of the patients. While the existing orthodontic CAD is performed manually by an operator as per directions of the orthodontist and has potential of human error, the AI based analysis shall have accurate set-up with precise diagnosis and forecast for before and after orthodontic treatment. The revolutionary AI software will minimize side effects, reduce incidental costs and unnecessary time consumption. This is the reason the AI digital technology has received a great response in the community in the artificial intelligence space.

Convergence and automation of AI treatment capacity will minimise the differences and errors from manual work and reduce labor force.

For its R&D requirements in AI dental technology, DDH has received about US $ 0.26 million worth grant from the South Korean government. Recently in May 2018, it was also selected as a Start-up support project for founding business from Ministry of SMEs and Start-ups.

In 2017, DDH was chosen as an excellent company in the “Innovation Challenge” in South Korea for its best AI start-up and had qualified to participate in the key GTC event in the USAin March this year. DDH had announced the AI tooth correction technology at the event in front of more than 600 AI experts, investors and entrepreneurs. The company’s demonstration of the automatic diagnostic techniques for orthodontics had received an overwhelming response. “When the dental AI technology is commercialized, it will not only improve the side effects of the dental treatment patients suffer from, but also save unnecessary time as well as cost of the dental treatment,”Her Soo-Bok, CEO of DDH, had said during NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference(GTC) in Silicon Valley, USA in March this year.

With emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the field of dental health care and innovative solutions by company like DDH, a visit to a dentist will become a much more painless affair in the near future.


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