Common Computer: Developing a cost-effective convergence of AI and Blockchain

Common Computers has built a shared network model combining Blockchain and AI.

The convergence of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain, the two major technologies of the digital world, has potential to bring in a paradigm shift in technological space for businesses. Common Computers, a Korean startup, which provides a shared network for Artificial Intelligence development, has recently received the seed phase funding from Fast Investment and Access Ventures.

The startup has been founded by developers from Google and Naver. The Common Computer is a breakthrough company that combines shared economic, artificial intelligence, and block chains, which form the core business models of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A shared network for developers’ benefit

Common Computer is basically an IT solution and block chain developer that measures and compensates for computer resources and user activity through a transparent Value Network. The startup, also known as ComCom, has built a model that enables developers to easily borrow and pay the right amount of resources in the AI ​​Network.

The open source software from large corporations like Google and Microsoft has reduced the development cost and time of Artificial Intelligence, but it still requires a complex set-up process and GPU to train and execute artificial intelligence through the machine learning process. The same operator circle is required on a large scale and there have been realistic problems where it is difficult for a large number of developers or SMEs to easily apply artificial intelligence.

The startup’s primary goal is to have a shared network that allows developers to run the AI they need very easily at a low cost.

AI Network for optimum utilisation of resources

Common Computers project AI Network is a blockchain network that is a partially decentralised architecture that utilises global computing power to solve various machine learning problems. AI Network has made a paradigm shift from dedicating a massive amount of computing resources on mining to building a federation of distributed computing resources that solves real-world AI problems using AI Network Architecture’ as well as it saves enormous amount of electrical powers.

AI Network architecture solves technical challenges that world has faced and runs AI programs such as AlphaGo on P2P cloud environment. On top of this architecture, AI Network will play a role of decentralised RPC ledger for reputation control of machines so that anyone can provide and compose cutting edge solutions with open access to shared computing resources in a cost-effective way. 

Common Computers wants to ease the worries

of developers so that they can focus on creative coding.

There is a plethora of cloud-based managed computing platforms operated by large companies such as Amazon, Google, IBM, Microsoft, and etc. But they do not provide cost-effective computing solutions for individuals and small-scale businesses. This is where Common Computers wants to build a global network where anyone can provide and compose cutting edge solutions with open access to shared computing resources in a cost-effective manner.

The funding the company recently bagged is going to help them further their vision to help the development of the IT industry in Korea and also in the world.

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February 14,2020

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