ComeUp2019 – the annual flagship event for startups to be held in November in Seoul

ComeUp2019 will be held from 27th November to 29th November in Seoul.

It is time for startups to gear up for the startup week ComeUp 2019, a global flagship startup event aimed at promoting the Korean startup ecosystem at home and abroad. Startup founders, investors, VCs, entrepreneurs, and media will gather to build a global network and discuss and share win-win strategies at the event.   

The annual event has numerous programs such as lectures, panel discussions, IR, networking, exhibitions, startup ecosystem tour, as well as joint private-public events. This year the ComeUp2019 will be held from 27th November to 29th November in Seoul.

Organized and hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Korea Institute of Start-up and Entrepreneurship Development, and private startup ecosystem, the 3-day event will be held at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza(DDP) in Seoul.
ComeUp2019 will commence with a pre-event program on 27th November for various stakeholders – domestic and international to get acquainted with the startup ecosystem in Korea. There will events to introduce some of the outstanding startups and support programs for startups in the country and showcase the growth potential for Korean startups by visiting a unicorn company.

For the main program spread over two days, there are 8 sessions planned that reflect global trends in various industries like food tech, edu-tech, lifestyle, bio& health, beauty and fashion, frontier tech, entertainment, mobility, and FinTech.  The sessions will reflect global trends, and will provide in-depth lectures and panel talks on emerging issues of the startup ecosystem with prominent speakers at home and abroad. In addition, the IR pitching seeks to discover outstanding entrepreneurs with global competitiveness and promote them to domestic and overseas startups in a bid to strengthen their connection with people involved with startups.

ComeUp 2019 will serve as a catalyst for networking among stakeholders by bringing together global startups, investors, entrepreneurs, the media and the public. Additionally, the government and related organizations will work together with the private sector to make this event become the best global startup festival based on the voluntariness and creativity of those who are involved with domestic and overseas startup ecosystems.

The event will have many prominent speakers and mentors for the startups and it is a great opportunity for networking. Last year, the event had seen CEOs of prominent companies like Market Access Center, Thinktomi, MashupAngels, Brand Builders, Shazam, EndeavorVR, etc as key speakers.

The prominent speakers from Korea  at the ComeUp 2019 will be CEO of Blueprint Partners Yongkwan Lee (YK Lee), Futureplay CEO Jung-hee Ryu,, Senior Manager Mirae Asset Management Ryan Jeong, CEO Woowa brothers Bong Jin Kim, CEO Deeping Source Inc Tae-hoon Kim, CEO VCNC Jake Park, CEO of Seoul Robotics Han Bin Lee, CEO of Bridge Biotherapeutics, Inc. James Jungkue Lee, Professor/CTO of KAIST/Tomocube YongKeun Park, Representative Partners of MashupAngels Taekkyung Lee, Founder & CEO of Orum Therapeutics SJ Lee, CEO & co-founder of OMNIOUS Jaeyoung Jun, CEO of Avokado Lab Inc. Benjin Kim, COO of StradVision Sunny Lee, CEO of AlienRobot Inc Sun Woo Lee, Director of IMM Investment Yeo Jung Moon, CEO & Managing Partner of Hashed Simon Seojoon Kim, Partner at Altos Ventures Heeeun Park, Team Manager at Amorepacific Corp Kim Tae Hyung, CEO of Speclipse, Inc. Sung Hyun Pyun, CEO of The PlantEAT Jaesik Yang, Executive Director of Food Design Lab at the Standford University Soh Kim, CEO of Streami Inc. Junhaeng Lee, Co-founder and EVP at SmartStudy, SmartPlay (Hongkong) Lee Seung Kyu (Ryan), CEO of Bitsensing Inc. Jae-eun Lee, CEO of FASTFIVE Dae-il Kim and CMO of Kakaopage Corp. Ryu Jung Hye. Other speakers will be CEO of Ileo Science Matt Evans, Lecturer from Johns Hopkins University Nayoung Louie and General Partner at the Sparkslab Eugene Kim from the USA, CEO of Zeroth Tak Lo from HongKong, Startup Lead Korea from BMW Startup Garage Julian Klaus from Germany and Co-founder/CTO LAIX Inc.(NYSE:LAIX) Ben Hu from China.

ASEAN-ROK Startup Summit, Busan

Just before ComeUp 2019, there is ASEAN-ROK Startup Summit, organized by MMS, to be held on November 26 at the Exhibition Centre I, BEXCO. This special event aims to build a startup ecosystem for peace and prosperity under the theme of “ASEAN-ROK Startup, Booting up the economy”. The event will provide an opportunity to share startup trends in ASEAN and Korea and to reinforce cooperation between the two sides.

In parallel with the Startup Summit, from November 25-26, the ASEAN-ROK Innovation Growth Forum will consist of lectures and panel discussions delivered by Unicorn enterprises and global businesses. ASEAN Startup Investor Relations (IR) Pitching, and business networking etc., will be held. In addition, the Exhibition on Innovation Growth, which will display new technologies and showcase innovative products under the theme of the future and co-prosperity of startups between ASEAN and ROK, will be held in parallel to the Startup Summit.

ComeUp2019 Organising Committee & Partners

The main organising committee of ComeUp 2019 include CEO of Woowa Brotehrs Bongjin Kim, Director of KISED Kwang-Hyon Kim, Director, CEO of Korea Credit Data Dongho Kim, CEO of Market Kurly Sophie Kim, CEO of Altos Ventures Hanjun Kim, CEO of FUTUREPLAY Junghee Ryu, CEO of CAPSTONE PARTNERS, LLC, Eunkang Song, CEO of VIVA REPUBLICA Seung-gun Lee, CEO of BLUEPOINT PARTNERS YongGwan Lee, CEO of MASHUPANGELS Taekkyung Lee, Managing Director of STARTUP ALLIANCE Jungwook Lim, Planning and Communications director of the ASAN NANUM FOUNDATION Nami Chung, CEO of KAKAO VENTURES Shina Chung, General Director of KITA Jo Sanghyeon and Managing director of SEOUL INNOVATION PARK Insun hwang.

ComeUp2019 has partnered with organizations like Kakao Ventures, SparksLab, Altos Ventures, MashupAngels, Startup Alliance, Korean Startup Forum, Korea FinTech Industry Association,Korea International Trade Association,Capstone Partners, DreamPlus, FuturePlay, Taeyong, Venture Square, Woowa Brothers, Viva Republica, beSuccess, Blueprint Partners, Market Kurly, Seoul Innovation Park, Korea Credit Data, Platum, the ASAN NANUM FOUNDATION and others. The Media partners for ComeUp2019 include beSUCCESS, Platum, Venture Square and EO.

The registration for the event is free and is only available through the official website ( Startups can register for the event after they join the membership.  

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