CNT Tech Co. Ltd: The successful Korean FoodTech company that aims for the greater good

CNT Tech Co. Ltd., is the no. 1 FoodTech platform in S. Korea.

Korean company CNT Tech Co.Ltd is a success story of amalgamation of IT and the dining market The FoodTech platform service provider has over 100 Korean B2B food franchise customers. The company has over 97% of the market share in the call center order medium platform service in Korea. The startup is also encouraging a number of startups in the country through its mentorship and accelerator programs.

Pioneer in the call center, mobile & online food order platform

 The company, which was started in 2003 in Seoul, has grown consistently throughout the years forming numerous key partnerships. The company has been a pioneer in setting up the Offline to Online (O2O) service for food ordering from dining places. It works on an integrated commission per order basis excluding the traditional method of separate call center operational cost and general system cost for business owners. From setting up call centers to introducing online and mobile ordering service, CNT Tech Co. Ltd has taken a lead in the FoodTech market in Korea. The startup’s mobile and online services are integrated with the country’s internet telecom giant KakaoTalk messenger. The food delivery service app with KakaoTalk is available in 8 countries in South East Asia. 

CNT Tech provides a comprehensive service that combines IT technology into the eating out market as a pre-investor method, and then charges the fee for each order, raising the level of IT technology service in the whole foodservice market. The service of a single, unified number contact center to effectively place orders and respond to customers has helped businesses increase sales while keeping costs like marketing, advertising, and customer service in check. CNT Tech’s mobile & internet ordering solution gives convenient access to customers through product information detailing. It is proving useful for those franchises which operate on a no Point-of-Sale (POS) system like pizza franchises.

Since 2007, CNT Tech has established various subsidiaries such as Creative Comms, Telstar, and Mr. Defination. Creative Comms seeks a fusion of video technology, SNS and marketing. Telestar pursues convergence of technology between IT technology and communication technology. Mr. Defination seeks to converge the stock information market with mobile IT technology.

Mentoring the future & taking care of the present

 The leading person behind the success story of CNT Tech is the company’s founder and CEO Hwaseong Jeon. He started his career as an entrepreneur through KAIST (Korea Advance Institute of Science & Technology), a leading research university that supports the startup ecosystem. Jeon has been mentoring a number of aspiring entrepreneurs since 2013 at KAIST’s startup support initiative programs. Besides the mentoring, Jeon has also introduced acceleration programs through CNT Tech to support new ventures in the Food and Technology area.

The company has also shared its profit success with the society through investments in the education sector and employee welfare. Since 2009, the company has been actively participating in the youth internship program introduced by the government. CNT Tech also provides employment to various people through its short-term job offer system that helps individuals who have to restrict their career moves because of personal reasons, like child-rearing or illness.

The company’s future focus is to spread its wings further in the East Asia Market. CNT Tech has launched subsidiaries across East Asia, including China, and plans to relocate the headquarters to Hong Kong.  CEO Jean’s goal is to expand CNT Tech’s technology to over 80 countries around the world. The company’s motto is Creating New Transaction Technology, that is to develop technology that benefits people and has a positive influence on society.

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