C2Monster: Providing digital content management solution through transformative technology

Korean company C2Monster is a leading enterprise in the CG industry (color grading). It has been working in distribution, education and technical support in the CG industry for the past 20 years. The company is now also divulging into the international digital contents market and ICT convergence fields, ranging from technical support to content development and production.

Wormhole: Facilitating advanced content management

Established in 2003 as an entertainment support company, C2Monster has been working with various prestigious organizations in Korea for digital content related production for a decade. The company’s main fields of development and production include its flagship service of “Wormhole 2019”, a digital contents creation pipeline management system.

Wormhole is a system for systematic management of digital assets produced using digital content creation tools.  Wormhole manages projects resulting in cost reduction and increased efficiency. Wormhole Pipeline System has features that enable users to create and schedule projects, have real-time chat and exchange content. The Wormhole asset database contains 2D images, 3D data, and various other digital assets that can be searched and sorted by index name, date, and category.

Supporting technical education & alternate content development

C2Monster is also into the development and service of digital assets stores, facial performance, crowd simulation and rendering techniques. The company is also involved in a smart environment-based educational content development and developing content for cognitive disorder’s diagnosis & improvement. The game for cognitive disorder’s diagnosis & improvement supports personalized cognitive training & athletic training programs.

C2monster is also working on a government-funded project for free education with ‘ACTS – Advanced Cultural Technologies & Services’. The company provides learning courses that include 3D CG and VFX parts in Movie, Animation, Broadcasting, Game and Advertisement fields with practical guidance on career advice by professionals. The company has formed some strategic partnerships with companies in the entertainment industry like Perforce, LG N-Sys, Olive Studio, VSO China, etc.

C2Monster is aiming at building an enterprise where people and organizations are well integrated by sustainable and efficient technology development. The company is now looking to spread its services to other countries and has been part of many tech shows abroad including China, Japan and the USA. C2Monster will be visiting Jakarta, Indonesia in October 2019, as part of a Korean startup forum to present its service to potential partners and investors.

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