Blockchain Investment Academy gets seven pitches for the 4th Season of BCapitalist Program

BCapitalist Program's 4th Season participants.

Blockchain Investment Academy headed by Professor IK Song held its 4th workshop this year for its BCapitalist Program 4th Season participants in Moire 478 in Gapyung on November 15 and 16th. The BCapitalist Program started in March, is well-known for its 8-week education program on blockchain and crypto-asset finance.

The Academy’s 286 alumni clients consist of many banks, securities companies, insurance companies, asset management companies, VCs and corporations including Samsung Electronics. The curriculum includes CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currency), crypto valuation and investment strategy, AML (Anti Money Laundering), inheritance tax, crypto fund making, exchange and OTC (Over the Counter Market), wallet and custody. The BCapitalist Program is evaluated as the most successful blockchain education program in S. Korea. The Academy has a plan to open a BCapitalist Singapore next year.

Sixty students and graduates participated in the workshop in the fourth season of the workshop series in November. BCapitalist workshops consist of ‘Pitching Competition’ by its participants. In this workshop season, seven project pitches were made, which were:

  1.   WM Solution – A company that has developed a mining machine with a water-cooling method of decreasing electricity cost by 1/1000. 
  2.   Impact Block – It is a funding and solving social program that gives returns from the social projects to its token investors.
  3.   Foblegate – It is a crypto exchange combining gaming and other real-world transactions with crypto exchange.
  4.   Alphacon – It is listed this year for a record 15X return to investors and recently completed a mainnet. It is building its ecosystem by inviting Dapps.
  5.   NASGO – It is BaaS Platform providing Dapp, SNA and wallet generation in 15 minutes for participants in its ecosystem.
  6.   GIST University’s spin-off company called LiverVance. It launched a mainnet with a new consensus mechanism.
  7. – An idea initiated by the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology. It took 15 years for development to detect fake items and track items from production to distribution.

Each pitching was followed by question and answers session with judges. There were 5 judges in the competition and they all are current students or graduates of BCapitalist Program. Lee HeungNo, GIST Professor took technology review, Bae Woon, Head of Blockchain Strategy Institute took a token economy review. Three Institutional investors joined as judges – Koo JungHwe, Managing Director of LB Investment, Chang SeTak, Partner of Yozma Korea and Suh, Jong Ryeol, Vice Chairman of Sejong Telecom.

Judges commented on the existing and potential problems in technology and token economy. Judges from institutional investors advised on how to improve projects and access institutional investors. Jong Ryeol Suh, Head of Judge, commented “Projects pitched in this workshop are not conceptual but working and real projects. Q&A and discussion among projects and judges in this workshop provided exceptional experiences, not easily found in other similar programs or even in meet-ups. It is an inspirational experience for judges including myself as well as for participants.” Another judge, Koo Jung Hwe commented that the pitching company should be familiar with all matters including its own technology and core competency. Professor IK Song said, “BCapitalist workshop and pitching competition will continue. 5th season enrollment is now open at”

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