BitSensing Inc.: IoT radar technology for safety, surveillance & hyper-connectivity

Internet of Things or IoT, an ecosystem which connects devices to the internet, is the most used technology these days. Korean startup Bitsensing Inc. has developed a radar device with embedded sensors using IoT technology that can change the way safety and security are managed. The Radar device works for smart surveillance, weather forecasting, autonomous driving and traffic management.

Autonomous driving, smart surveillance

In the era when autonomous driving is set to take over the roads, Bitsensing Inc.’s radar device can be very useful. The Radar device has a 4D imaging system, which can detect weather hazards with much more precision than the existing options. The device is built in such a  way that it can sustain in all weather conditions and works well in harsh environments such as fire or heat. The Radar has GPS and Wi-Fi enabled, which means it can be used anywhere, anytime. The compact device is easy to assemble, reasonably priced and is readily available for use.

Besides the vital functionality for autonomous driving, the IOT-radar device is also useful for smart surveillance. The device can monitor critical activities surrounding crucial areas such as airports, national borders, seaports, refineries, etc.  The compact and energy-efficient radars allow the users to monitor a greater area when compared to the traditional CCTV cameras. The coordination of visual, thermal, and motion detection movement around the boundaries of the user’s work area provides for a ‘never-blind’ surveillance solution.

Forecasting hazards, traffic management & much more

Bitsensing Inc.’s radar technology can also forecast avalanche and flooding disasters. This can enable the authorities to take precautionary measures and avoid any casualties from natural hazards. The sensors when placed along the roadsides can work as data conveyors. This can help in reporting the traffic patterns including the number of vehicles plying on the road and the speed. The radar-device can prove an important component for efficient traffic management.

Bitsensing Inc. has been founded by an experienced team of experts in automotive radar technology led by Jae-eun-Lee, with over 10 years of experience in developing automotive radar. The company has raised its seed funding from KDB Capital and FuturePlay. The startup is looking for more fundraising in 2019, which shall be used for research and development of the IoT radar technology in wider areas.

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